University of Vermont

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Economic Impact

Aside from the bounty of programs and outreach activities the university engages in, there's further proof of UVM's positive effects on the state in the numbers (as of 2013).

The Numbers

  • Employment of over 3,917 employees (faculty and staff combined), makes the university Vermont's fourth largest employer.
  • More than 31,400 (30%) of the university's 103,000 alumni live in Vermont and contribute to their communities.
  • Each year, UVM commits an increasing amount of its revenue — almost $14 million in FY 2013 — to grants and scholarship aid for Vermonters. 86% of Vermont undergraduates will receive some form of financial aid, scholarships or grants from the university.

The Dollars

  • $438.7 million in direct annual university-related spending in Vermont
  • $1.0 billion in direct and indirect impact on the Vermont economy
  • $390.7 million in annual salaries and benefits for over 3,900 faculty and staff employees
  • $450 million invested in 82 major capital construction projects since the beginning of 2002.
  • $13.8 million annually in visitor-related expenditures in the Vermont economy
  • $1.6 billion in annual earnings of over 31,400 alumni living in Vermont (approximate)
  • $106 million annually in research grants and contracts, 84% of which comes from out-of-state sources
  • $617 million total operating budget for FY 2013. This results in a 15:1 return on investment for the state's appropriation to the university.

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