Hello! My name is David Smith, and I am the Transfer Student Orientation Coordinator (TSOC). I want to first welcome everyone to the University of Vermont! As the TSOC, with the help of the other orientation staff, I hope to help guide transfers through orientation, organize social events to strengthen ties within the transfer student community, answer any questions you have about the school, and help you transition to UVM as smoothly as possible.

I'm from Nashville, I transferred from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, and this will be my second year here in Burlington. My major is history, my minors are writing and Latin American Studies, and I'm hoping to go to law school. Here at UVM, I work for CampusRec as an intramural referee, and I will also be a writing tutor in the library.

As a transfer student myself, I understand how hectic the transition to a new university can be, so if you have any questions, issues, concerns, or comments, please e-mail me at dsmith41@uvm.edu! I'm happy to set up appointments as needed. Go cats!

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Signature Transfer Student Events (Spring 2018)

  • A Welcome Transfer Trivia Night on Monday, January 29th at 6:00PM. Sign up here!
  • A Transfer Student Community Dinner cosponsored by the Office of Student and Community Relations (OSCR) on Monday, February 12th at 6:30PM. Sign up here!!
  • An off-campus event with and for transfer students in March. More details to come! If you have any ideas for off-campus events, please email David at dsmith41@uvm.edu for more details!
  • A Skinny Pancake dinner with and for transfer students in April. More details to come!
  • Stay tuned for more information regarding our transfer student community events! Time, dates, and RSVPs coming soon! Contact David at dsmith41@uvm.edu with any questions.




         David Smith

David Smith
Transfer Student Orientation Coordinator
Orientation & New Student Programs
Office Phone: (802) 656-4136
Email: dsmith41@uvm.edu