Student Health Forms

UVM's Center for Health and Wellbeing (CHWB) is here to assist you in meeting student health care needs. They offer many services on campus and coordinate three important health related requirements for new students: immunization records, health history, and decision about health insurance.

More information about all of these requirements and CHWB services are available at


Health insurance & health history

Proof of health insurance is mandatory at UVM. Students must complete an insurance waiver/decision form online each year to declare current insurance information or to purchase the UVM Student Health Insurance. A description of the requirement and the form is available online. Students must also complete a health history form, which is only available online.

Learn More about the Health Insurance waiver/decision form


Students must submit hard copy documentation of immunization history, and they must also enter the information online. Acceptable evidence of a student’s immunization history includes official school, physician or public health records, or laboratory report of a titer indicating immunity to a specific disease.

Immunizations should be obtained from your current health care provider and documentation must be sent to UVM. Students in health science majors are required to have proof of titers for some of the immunizations.

UVM students must provide documentation of the following immunizations (detailed descriptions are available online):

1 Tdap/Td booster given within the past 10 years
2 Measles, 2 Mumps, and 2 Rubella (or 2 MMR)
3 Hepatitis B
1 Meningococcal conjugate (MCV4/meningitis) vaccine after the 16th birthday, for students living in residence halls.
2 Varicella/Chicken Pox (or documentation indicating history of the disease)

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