Apply to be a Returner Orientation Leader

Applications for the Summer 2019 Returner Orientation Leader Position are now available! Applications are due by 11:45pm on Friday, October 26th. 

Please note: Graduating seniors in May 2019 or students in the Global Gateway Program are not eligible to be Orientation Leaders, as all students who wish to be OLs must be current students or have been fully matriculated for one full semester prior to being a June OL.

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Each Returning OL will have the opportunity to:

  • Be a mentor and role model to the new OLs.
  • Support our social media efforts via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Setup Harris/Millis before new OLs arrive and help welcome the new Orientation Staff
  • Assist with the "little move" of training supplies from the Davis Center to Harris/Millis.
  • Help create positive group dynamics, as well as plan and organize social activities to which all OLs are invited.
  • Meet with new OLs and assist them with their personal and professional goal setting.
  • Be a duck! Teach and role model the FISH! Philosophy. Get fired up for each session!

Please Note: Returners move into Harris/Millis on Saturday, May 18th for Prep & Training.


In addition, the following tasks will be assigned to 1 or more returner OL:

  • Teach the OLs how to create amazing & educational bulletin boards.
  • Explain and role model how to present a creative OL Report.
  • Present the FISH philosophy during training and implement it throughout Orientation.
  • Plan training activities, pump-ups, team building surprises, O-Staff Banquet, and more!
  • Assist with OL meals (ordering, pick up, cleaning & breakdown, etc.).
  • Provide support with audio-visual equipment and troubleshooting.
  • Coordinate programs and tasks for Prep Day, Early Arrival, and Block Party.
  • Golf Cart Privileges!


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