Families provide a crucial support system in the journey to college - we see you and all that you do behind-the-scenes to support your catamount. Thank you! You’re such an important part of this transition and we’re excited to welcome you to the Catamount Community right alongside your student.


Engaging Families

The Orientation Office is happy to offer optional events for families following their student's move-in. While your student begins their Orientation experience, Engaging Families offers opportunities for new catamount families to learn more about their students transition to college, meet with Student Financial Services, and enjoy a Family Farewell Social. 

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Student Privacy & FERPA

UVM takes your student's privacy seriously. We work within federal policies to ensure your young adults' rights are protected throughout their time at UVM. University officials are constrained in what they can share with parents/families, absent consent of the student, by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act. This includes things like grades, schedules, transcripts, billing information and more.

Initially this might feel counterintuitive to supporting your student in this transition - but consider it a great jumping off point for setting expectations and establishing clear lines of communication between you, well before the start of the academic year. Additionally, learning more about Proxy Access could resolve some frustrations around accessing financial information.

For more regarding students’ rights with respect to access to, and privacy of their student educational record - read the University’s FERPA Rights Disclosure Policy (pdf).






Previously called Fall Family Weekend, UVM Weekend will include details on coming to visit your new student this Fall! 



nullGet information about billing, setting up a proxy, awards, scholarships, direct deposit and more.

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nullLearn how to submit required health forms and what services the Center for Health and Wellbeing provides.

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This Cultural Resource Guide is for those living or considering living in the Burlington area and who want to learn more about the diverse resources available.


Family Resources

Conversation Starters for Families
Advice for Families from a Faculty Member
Family FAQ
College / School Support Offices
Student Accessibility Services