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Orientation is committed to welcoming all first-year students and their families. Participants who need assistance or accommodations to fully enjoy the Orientation program are encouraged to contact the Student Accessibility Services Office (SAS) and the Orientation Office well in advance, as some accommodations take time to implement. In consultation with the Student Accessibility Office we will provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations.


If you or a family member would like to request accommodations for disabilities and / or other health-related conditions/concerns, please contact us at least two weeks prior to your registered sessions in BOTH the following ways:


Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

The Student Accessibility Services Office is the office of Disability Services at UVM. Their mission is to provide accommodation, consultation, collaboration, and educational support services as a means to foster opportunities for and empowerment of students with disabilities to participate in a barrier-free learning environment.

They serve as a resource to UVM and the larger community to advocate for a diverse learning community, educational equity and innovation through the principles of Universal Design. For more information about students with disabilities, please visit the Student Accessibility Services website.



Visit the “Newly Admitted Students" section of the Student Accessibility Services website.

Send documentation securely via mail, e-mail, or fax to Student Accessibility Services if you have not already done so. Documentation Guidelines are on their website.

As soon as you know the date of your Orientation session, call Student Accessibility Services at (802) 656-7753 or email access@uvm.edu to schedule a time to come to an Student Accessibility Services Informational Workshop. Families are welcome to attend these workshops along with students. Please include your UVM student ID number on all correspondence.


A170 Living/Learning Center
University of Vermont 05405-0386

TEL: (802) 656-7753
FAX: (802) 656-0739
E-mail: access@uvm.edu