Orientation Circles

The beginning of your college career is a very exciting time, and we're sure you've got tons of questions about Orientation and your first formal introduction to our campus. We're here to help. Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions to assist with your transition to UVM.

Of course, if you still have questions concerning a topic not covered here we'd love the opportunity to help. Contact us at the Orientation Program Office by calling (802) 656-4136 or e-mail Orientation@uvm.edu.


Registration & Fees

How do I register for Orientation?

You can access the Orientation Reservation system from the Applicant Status Page at go.uvm.edu/appstatus by logging with your netid and password (not your student id - 95#) or your personal email and password. Once logged in you'll be provided with a link to our reservation system.

For more information on reservation process, please refer to our registration page.

Can I change my session date or other details of my reservation?

Absolutely. Please note that sessions may reach capacity - if you change your session date you may be unable to change it back. You can change the date of your Orientation session, add/or remove a family member, change a meal plan option and more by contacting the orientation office. Be sure to include your full name, date of birth, and college of admittance in your emailed request.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Orientation office at orientation@uvm.edu or (802) 656-4136.

How do I add a family member to the Family Orientation Program / Housing / Meals

Options for participation in the Family Orientation program, Family Housing, and Family Meals are all located in your student reservation through the Orientation Reservation System. If you have already registered for the program you can update your reservation to include these options up to one week before your session.

Does Orientation cost anything for me?

Student costs for the Orientation Program are covered by the acceptance fee paid to admissions - as a student, you're all set! Additional costs are associated with Early Arrival as well as the Family Orientation Program, Family Housing, and Family Meals.

There is an Orientation balance on my student account - how do I pay that prior to Orientation?

To pay an Orientation balance you can log back into your Applicant Status Page and proceed with the payment option of your choice. 



Student Orientation Program

Is Orientation mandatory?

Yes. Orientation is your formal introduction to UVM, and to make the transition to college as easy as possible, you’re required to attend. Exceptions will be made only in cases of extreme hardship or emergency. You must call the Orientation Programs Office at (802) 656-4136 if you’re unable to attend a June Orientation session - this allows you to get the information you need to register for classes before you arrive in the fall.

What can I expect at Orientation?

You’ll stay in the Harris/Millis Complex and participate in an array of group discussions, individual meetings with advisors, workshops, presentations by professors, and informal conversations with your new classmates, and register for your fall courses. You’ll also learn more about campus life—what UVM students do beyond the classroom, organizations they belong to, how they engage in the Burlington community, where they study, and what they do for fun. Our hope is when you return to campus in the fall, you’ll have a sense of confidence and belonging. You can learn more about our Program Overview Page.

What meals are provided during Orientation?

All Orientation meal costs for students are covered by the acceptance fee paid to admissions - as a student, you're all set! These meals include lunch, dinner, and block party treats on Day 1, and Brunch on Day 2.

If you have family attending the family orientation program and they would like to eat on campus during your orientation session - we provide a 2-Day meal package for attending family members to purchase. This meal package includes lunch, dinner, and the family reception on Day 1, and brunch on Day 2 of the sessions you’ll be attending. A meal package for children 10 and under is available for a reduced cost, which includes all meals on both days of Family Orientation as well.  If you have attending family who would like to participate in these meals, you can do so by including them in your online orientation reservation.

What if I don’t attend the Orientation Program?

Orientation is your formal introduction to UVM, and attendance is required. Exceptions will be made only in cases of extreme hardship or emergency. If you cannot attend you must e-mail (orientation@uvm.edu) or call the Orientation Program Office at (802) 656-4136 to discuss a Cannot Attend waiver. Because a major part of our summer program is course advising and registration for your first semester, we need to inform your academic unit that you’re unable to attend. Once completed, your academic unit will send registration information to you in early July. In this case, it is also strongly encouraged that you attend August Orientation, which takes place on Move-In day before the start of fall semester.

We’ll send information on how to register for August Orientation later in the summer - but only after you’ve contacted us to discuss being unable to attend our June Program.

May I attend a session other than those listed for my academic unit?

No. Students must attend a session that is advised by their specific academic unit.

Can I bring guests to Orientation?

No, guests aren’t permitted other than those registered for the Family Orientation program.

Does my parent or guardian need to attend Orientation?

Nope! Family members are encouraged to attend the optional Family Orientation program, but it’s not required.

The decision on whether or not families would like to attend is up to you. For families or students concerned that they’ll be the only individuals with or without families in attendance - there’s a mix of attendees and plenty of other students both with and without family members with them.

Is Orientation different for students in the Honors College?

If you have been admitted to the Honors College, plan to arrive by 3:45 PM the day BEFORE your registered session. When registering for Orientation, make sure you check the box that indicates you are “Arriving Early.” Family members are welcome to arrive early with you and should request Early Arrival Family housing, if needed. Further details are available on the Honors College website.

Is there a different orientation for international students?

Yes. International Student Orientation occurs in August. For more information, please contact the Office of International Education.

May I attend only one day of the session?

No. Because academic unit meetings occur on Day One and advising and registration occur on Day Two, it is not beneficial for a student to attend only one day of the session. We recommend students plan to attend a different session if they’re unable to be present for both days.

If a student attends their academic unit meeting and academic advising, but needs to leave earlier than their course registration appointment time, students can complete their course registration online at another time.

Who are the student Orientation Leaders (OLs)?

Orientation Leaders (OLs) provide your incoming class and their families with a high-quality and enthusiastic introduction to the University of Vermont! OLs help new students make a successful and smooth transition into UVM by serving as resources and role models for new students. Check out who your OLs will be on our contact page.



Travel & Housing

Where will I stay?

You’ll be housed in the Harris/Millis Complex on athletic campus. Families staying on campus are housed in nearby residence halls.

Will I have a roommate during Orientation?

During Orientation, you’ll share a room with another new student from your academic unit in the Harris/Millis Complex. UVM accommodates all gender identities and expressions. Feel free to let us know what room assignment makes you feel most comfortable. Contact the Orientation office for more information.

I know someone coming to Orientation with me - can I room with them?

Unfortunately, no. During your Orientation experience you'll be roomed according to academic unit and Orientation Leader group. Because of the number of orientees, academic units, OL groups, and rooms available - we are unable to accommodate this request.

Does UVM have shuttle service from the airport or hotels?

No. Taxis from the Burlington airport are approximately $15 to campus. You may also use public bus transportation from the airport to the University of Vermont. Please visit UVM’s local lodging and transportation resources pages for more information. You may also access additional information on the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce website.

Do Honors College students have to pay for Early Arrival?

If you plan to stay on campus the night before your session - yes; You are not required to stay on campus the night before your session if you have accommodations elsewhere - you ARE however required to stay on campus during the night of your orientation session. Costs for early arrival housing are available when making your reservation.

I am an early arrival, but I arrive late at night. What do I do?

If you’re a registered “early arrival” and you arrive after 11:00 PM at the Harris/Millis Complex, there will be a telephone number posted on the entrance door. Call this number and a staff member will respond to check you into your room.

I am an early arrival, but I plan to arrive in Burlington before 3:00 PM. Can I check-in early or store my luggage?

No. Orientation Leaders do not staff the Harris/Millis Complex until 3:00 PM for approved early arrivals. Therefore, we are unable to accommodate these requests. If you find yourself with time prior to check-in, the Dudley H. Davis Center is a great place to relax and escape inclement weather.

Will my family member be assigned a roommate if they are staying on-campus?

No. If only one family member is attending the Family Orientation Program, they must choose the single occupancy accommodations if they stay on campus. We don’t assign roommates to individuals not from the same family.

My parent has family housing. May a sibling sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag?

Yes. Please note the floors are bare and there’s no carpeting in the residence hall where families are housed. 

Where is there a parking lot for Orientation and is there a fee?

Parking for the Orientation program is provided in the Gutterson Parking Garage, located next to the Harris/Millis Complex. There’s no parking fee for those attending Orientation.



Family Program

What is the family registration fee?

Orientation costs for new students are covered by the acceptance fee paid to the Admissions Office (this includes housing, meals, and materials). The family registration fee is a per-person fee for any family member attending the Family Orientation Program. Children 17 and under are exempt from this fee.

This optional program runs parallel to the student program featuring sessions on topics important to parents and families and their role in the student's transition to life at UVM. The fee for this program covers the cost of materials, program staff, and information sessions you will attend as part of this program. The registration fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable.

Do most family members attend the Family Orientation Program?

Attendance varies from year to year - though in general a healthy population of families decide to attend our program and an overwhelmingly large percentage of those who attend tell us that it was immensely helpful in navigating their student's transition to UVM. We encourage family members who are unfamiliar with the college environment - or those who have a number of questions and would benefit from a face-to-face interaction - to participate. Ultimately the decision is yours to make.

What do family members learn at Family Orientation?

Families who participate in the Family Orientation Program learn more about campus life, have the opportunity to meet with representatives of the academic unit their student is enrolled and learn about general academic requirements and policies, registration processes, and UVM's advising system. They’ll also have an opportunity to meet campus staff members who support new students, and become familiar with student services and facilities, such as the residence hall system, UVM Dining plans, financial aid, career planning, and student activities.

Are Meals provided for those attending Family Orientation?

Meals are not included in the Family Orientation registration fee. If your family member would like to participate in meals while at orientation, they will need to purchase a 2-day meal package. More information on Family meals is available on our family orientation page.

Is housing available for family members?

The Orientation Program provides limited on-campus housing accommodations for parents and families who are attending the Family Orientation program. When registering for orientation, your student will be able to select the appropriate on-campus housing needs for family members. Families who don’t wish to stay on campus are more than welcome to make their own accommodations off campus. Please visit UVM’s local lodging and transportation resources pages for more information about what is available in the area - or check in with the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce Website.

If my family member stays on campus - will they be assigned a roommate?

No. If only one family member is attending the Family Orientation Program, they must choose the single occupancy accommodations if they stay on campus. Orientation will not assign roommates to individuals that are not from the same family.

Can children stay on campus with attending Family members?

Yes. Please note the floors are bare and there’s no carpeting in the residence hall where families are housed. 

Will I have an opportunity to see my family member throughout the day?

While the student and family orientation programs join for some activities, many of their sessions will be separate and geared toward their role as a parent or guardian. Family members do not attend academic advising or course registration sessions with students.

What is the schedule for Student Orientation and for Family Orientation?

Because of the planning involved in the orientation program, concrete schedules are not available until you arrive on campus. However, if you'd like to get a better sense of the program check out our Orientation overview to learn more about what both you and families attending the program will be doing throughout the day.

Does my family member need to attend ALL the sessions as part of the Family Program?

Family members attending Family Orientation may choose which information sessions they wish to attend - it’s not required that family members attend all sessions (though students are required to attend the entire program). However, the registration cost won’t be reduced and is non-negotiable.

May a family member attend Orientation on a different date from the student?

No. Family members must attend the same session dates as their student if they’d like to attend Family Orientation.

Does the University have a fall weekend designated for family visits?

Yes, UVM Homecoming & Family Weekend occurs in the fall semester. The UVM Alumni Association sponsors this weekend and encourages families to reserve accommodations early and join us for academic open houses, athletic games and much more! For more information visit UVM Alumni Association website.



Arrival, Check In, & Check Out

When/Where do I check-in?

Student check-in will be 8:00 - 10:00 AM on the first day at the Harris/Millis Residential Complex - the details of this process are explained fully on our Arrival / Check-in page. Our University Welcome kicks off the program promptly at 10:30 AM in the Dudley H. Davis Center. You’ll receive a detailed schedule upon your arrival at check-in.

Please note: Families will check-in separately from students. More information will be shared to those who register for the program.

When will I be able to check out?

You will check out no later than 3:00 PM on the second day of your session. Due to randomly assigned course registration times we are unable to provide an exact end time for the program, as it differs from student to student. Once you have completed your registering for your fall courses you'll be able to check out of Orientation.

What if I arrive late on the morning of my session?

You’ll still check in at the Harris/Millis Complex. From there an Orientation staff member will direct you to where you need to go.

I need to arrive early to Orientation. What do I do?

If you’re traveling a long distance or are an Honors College student and require housing the night before your session, please indicate your need for early arrival when you register. Check-in will be available from 3:00 - 11:00 PM at Harris / Millis Complex. If you’re unable to make it prior to 11:00 PM. you’ll have to call the phone number posted on the door to Harris/Millis to gain access to the building. You will be housed in your assigned room for Orientation when you arrive.

There is a fee for students and family members who need to arrive early, which covers their extra night of housing. Pizza will be available from 4:00 - 7:00 PM, and breakfast will be available for purchase at Harris/Millis Dining.

What do I need to pack?

For our program you will need: your government-issued photo ID (Driver's license, Military ID, Passport, etc - High School IDs are NOT valid), pillow, sleeping bag (or sheets / blankets - your room will not have linens), a towel, a fan (optional), pen/pencil, note pad, clothes (pack for all possibilities - VT weather is unpredictable and events are both indoors and outdoors), umbrella, comfortable shoes, and an open mind!

Be prepared to ask questions, meet some wonderful people and learn about your University.



Placement Tests & Academic Preparation

Should I wait to attend Orientation until my pending AP and/or IB scores are in?

No. It’s not required to have this information in order to attend Orientation. If you have pending AP and/or IB scores, you’ll have the chance to discuss this with your advisor during academic advising. For more information on receiving credit for AP, IB, and other courses and exams, click here.

Do I have to take the Foreign Language Placement Test?

If you plan on enrolling in French, German, or Spanish at ANY level - at any time in your UVM career, you must take the a foreign language placement test BEFORE coming to Orientation, even if you don’t plan to continue with the language in your first year. You must take the test for the language you hope to study, even if you've never formally studied the language. This information allows your academic advisors to properly guide you in your academic path.

I need to take the Foreign Language Placement Test online. What do I do?

Follow the instructions listed on our Foreign Language Placement Test page. You’ll be prompted for a password to access the registration page for the language tests. The password is: catamounts1.

Do I have to take the Math Readiness Test?

Yes. All students must take the Math Readiness Test before attending Orientation, even if you don’t think you’ll need to take a math class. It’s important to take this placement test before you arrive for Orientation so your academic unit has the placement score and can advise you to register for the appropriate courses.




Will I register for my fall classes at Orientation?

Yup! During Orientation you’ll register for courses on the second day of the program. You'll have the opportunity to meet with representatives from your academic unit and meet with an advisor to talk about and arrange your fall course schedule. Enrollment for fall courses is complete when you leave campus at the end of the Orientation Program.

May I request a specific course registration time?

No. The Registrar’s office schedules the course registration times for each student. These times are automated and access to a student’s registration only occurs at the scheduled time.

Will I have a better chance of getting my preferred classes if I attend an early session?

Nope! An equal amount of class spaces are held and released at each Orientation session to ensure that all incoming students have the same course selection experience. There’s no advantage to attending an earlier Orientation session when it comes to course registration.

How can I declare or change my major?

Academic advisors will be available to discuss your choice of major and assist you if you decide to declare or change your major at Orientation.




Are disability and other health related requests available during Orientation?

The Orientation program is committed to working with any participants who need assistance or accommodations to fully enjoy the Orientation program. Please take a moment to read our Disability / Health Related Requests page to find out you can make a request or inquiry.

Deaf or hard of hearing guests may contact UVM by sending an e-mail message to access@uvm.edu to request an ASL interpreter. Please complete an ASL Interpreter Scheduling Request. For more information please visit the Student Accessibility Services website.

Are wheelchairs available? I have a family member who needs assistance.

Orientation is unable to provide wheelchairs or wheelchair assistance. If a wheelchair is needed, please make arrangements to bring your own.

We are able to make necessary housing arrangements for any student or family member staying on campus who use a wheelchair or require accessible accommodations. Most UVM buildings and shuttle buses used by Orientation are accessible. Please contact our office at least two weeks prior to your Orientation session to discuss accommodation needs.



NetIDs and Passwords

What is my netid?

Your UVM NetID (or Network ID) is your personal online identity for all things UVM. Your NetID can be up to eight characters long and is usually some combination of your first (and perhaps middle) initial and last name. In cases where many people have similar names and initials, NetIDs may also include a number. For example: John Smith - jsmith.

At UVM you will use your NetID to log into official UVM services, such as e-mail and myUVM. You must have your netid set-up and active prior to attending Orientation in order to register for classes.

I forgot my password? What do I do?

If you can't remember your UVM Netid password, you will have to contact UVM's Tech Helpline at (802) 656-2604, Monday - Friday 8AM - 4:30PM. Please note that university will only change your account information for you the student; and is unable complete any changes requested by anyone else. More information is available at account.uvm.edu.

I have a UVM E-mail Account?! 

Yup! Once you activate your netID you will also be activating your official UVM e-mail account.  This account is where the university will e-mail all official correspondence - so be sure to check it often and frequently.  Many students choose to connect their UVM e-mail address to their iphone or android devices.



Student Financial Services

When and how do I pay my student's academic year's bill?

UVM sends all student bills electronically. Billing notification emails will be sent to your UVM assigned email address (so be sure to check it regularly). Your fall semester bill is generated after you’ve registered for courses, in mid-July. Your bill will include tuition, comprehensive fee, room charge, meal plan, and Inter Residence Association fees as applicable. For more information, visit the Student Financial Services website.

Who should I contact for questions about my student account and financial aid?

You should contact Student Financial Services at (802) 656-5700 or visit the Student Financial Services website.

I was awarded work-study. How do I get a job?

For information regarding work-study, please contact the Student Employment Office at (802) 656-5705 or visit their Federal Work-Study page.