Students who plan on enrolling in French, German, or Spanish at ANY level, must take the placement test, even if you do not plan to continue with the language in your first year. You must take the test for the language you hope to study, EVEN if you've never formally studied the language, and you must take the test BEFORE coming to campus for Orientation.



In a world where contacts and conflicts between different peoples and cultures are accelerating, it is important to get the kind of in-depth knowledge of the world beyond our borders that only the study of a foreign language can supply. Whatever your goal, you should consider making a foreign language study a part of your University of Vermont education.

If you have studied a language in high school and want to continue, our advice is not to put it off. Foreign language knowledge, like musical or sports training, needs to be maintained.



High school programs differ a great deal; your grades or the number of years you have studied may not be a good guide to the course that will be best for you. The placement test can help you find the right course level. When you come to Orientation you can discuss your score with an advisor from one of the language departments, and that score in conjunction with your grades and the number of years of study will help determine your placement.



  • Access the Foreign Language Placement Test
  • You will be prompted for a Password to access the registration page - your password is catamounts1
  • Select the language you would study:  French, German, or Spanish from the drop down menu.
  • Fill out the First, Last, and Student ID number (your 95#) fields .
  • If you are continuing an earlier exam, just click “Resume” at this point and you will be returned to the exam where you left off. You may also use this button to retrieve your previous FLP test score.
  • Fill in the “University Information”, “Language Experience” and “Other Language Experience” sections as completely as possible.
  • Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page when finished.
  • Read the sample question and submit a response to start the test.
  • The test usually takes about 20 minutes. When completed, your results will appear on a Report window. Print this page for your records, save as a file, or send to another email address as an attachment. Please bring the information with you to your advising appointment during June orientation.
  • Click the "Finish" button to complete the test.