It’s happening! You’re coming to UVM for two days in June where you’ll register for classes, stay overnight in a residence hall, meet with academic advisors, learn about getting involved, make some new friends and learn your way around campus.

Orientation is free and mandatory for first year students.

The fine print: UVM Orientation is required for all first year students and the cost of attending (with the exception of an early arrival fee) is covered by the acceptance fee paid to admissions.

Attendance waivers are granted only in the case of extreme hardship or emergency. Contact the Orientation Office for more information.



  • June Overview
    Step 1: Learn what Happens at Orientation
    Tours, session dates, where you'll stay, and how course registration works - Get the rundown of what you will be doing during your 2-day visit June.
  • Pick a Session
    Step 2: Pick your Orientation Session Date
    Each UVM College offers a certain set of sessions which you can choose from. Plan ahead! Check the dates for your academic unit.
  • Step 3: Decide if Family are Coming
    While students learn about life at UVM, family members can attend our Family Orientation program where they learn about the role they play in supporting their student’s success.
  • Register for Orientation
    Step 4: Register for (or Change) your Orientation Session
    Once you've picked a session and read up on your Orientation options - head on over to our online registration system and reserve your spot. Heads up, spaces fill up quickly.
  • Before Orientation - Take your Placement Tests
    Step 5: Before Orientation - Take your Placement Tests
    All students are required to take the Math Readiness Test before registering for classes. Students interested in taking French, German, or Spanish are also required to take the Foreign Language Placement Test before registering for classes.
  • Arrival and Check In
    Step 6: Prepare Arrival and Check In
    If you’ve got questions about where to go when you arrive, when and where to check-in or what to do if you arrive early – we’ve got some answers!
  • Step 7: Early Deadline: June 30! - Housing / Meal Plan Contract & Health Forms
    Your first deadlines after Orientation come quickly! These are critical deadlines to ensure your housing and billing are correct.


Disability / Health Requests

If you plan to request disability-related academic and/or Residential Life accommodations, you (and your family) are encouraged to attend an informational workshop during your Orientation session. To register, contact Student Accessibility Services (UVM’s Disability Service Office) at 802-656-7753 or

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