Family Orientation runs parallel to the student program. Families learn about academic requirements, UVM policies and academic advising. Staff from Student Financial Services, Residential Life, Dining Services, the Career Center and other key departments offer sessions. Families also receive behind-the-scenes advice and coaching from University administrators who provide perspective on the college transition.



Family Orientation costs $55.00 per attending adult (not including housing and meals – see below). Children under 18 are exempt from this fee. Family members must attend the same session as their student.  This registration fee is all-inclusive, non-negotiable and non-refundable.

There are a limited number of family fee waivers for those who require financial assistance in order to attend. This waiver covers the $55.00 program fee, housing on campus for one night and the 2-day meal package (early arrival housing is not included). It is limited to one family member per student. Fee waivers are administered on a first-come, first-serve basis. To discuss a waiver, please contact us.



Your student will indicate the number of attending adults in the Orientation Reservation system when they register for their session. During registration they will also have to indicate if you will be staying on campus and having meals (50% of family participants opt in to the meal plan). Read on for Housing and Meal options.



Parents and families who decide to attend Family Orientation are welcome to stay on campus in the University Heights South Residential Complex (adjacent to Harris/Millis). Accommodations are air-conditioned, suite-style residence halls with semi-private baths. Wireless Internet is available, but rooms do not have televisions. Pets are not allowed in the residence halls or campus facilities.  Linens are provided for Family Housing - but are not provided for students.  Students should refer to our packing list when preparing for Orientation.

Family Housing is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.



$80.00 per person for single accommodations
$112.00 for double accommodations

Children 10 and under are able to stay for free in their parent's room, provided they bring a sleeping bag.

'Early Arrival' accommodations are available for the night prior to your Orientation session at $86 for a single and $118 for a double.

Attending family members are also welcome to stay off-campus if they would feel more comforable, though please note - new students are required to stay in UVM residence halls while attending the Orientation Program.

Common questions about Family housing are answered in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



A 2-day family meal package is $48.00 per person (includes lunch, dinner, and brunch during the two-day session). A meal package for children under 10 is available for $24.00.

Since 95% of family attendees participate in all the sessions, most elect to purchase the meal package. Meal times are generally shared with students so families use this time to catch up with their student throughout the day.

Meals can also be purchased 'a la carte' at Orientation. If you plan to attend the program and are interested in meals, we highly recommend purchasing your plan ahead of time to prevent waiting in lines.



Please note: a detailed program schedule will be provided to you at check-in.

Day 1

- Check in University Heights South Residence Hall to pick-up program materials and, if you are staying on campus, room keys.
- Campus Bus Tours
- University Welcome begins at 10:30 a.m.
- Academic Unit Meeting
- Lunch
- Residential Life and UVM Dining Services Information
- Sessions
- Life at UVM from the Student Perspective
- Campus Life and Academic Information
- Barbecue Dinner
- Families in Transition Program
- Family Reception

Day 2

- Morning Walk
- Student Financial Services Information Session
- Meet the Dean of Students
- Move-In Weekend Panel
- Brunch and Resource Fair
- Check Out by 3 p.m.



Family Program Costs

Family Member
Registration Fee....$55.00/per person

2-Day Family Member Meal Package
Child (10 and under)......$24.00

Family On-Campus Housing

Single Occupancy......$80.00
Double Occupancy....$112.00

Early Arrival Family Housing
(Optional - in addition to regular housing)

EA Single Occupancy......$86.00
EA Double Occupancy....$118.00


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Common Questions
What does the family registration fee cover?

The Family registration fee covers the cost of materials, staffing, and rooms reserved for the family orientation program. This fee does NOT cover the cost of housing or meal options while on campus. There are no student fees for the Orientation program.

Is my family member required to stay on campus?

Nope. While students are required to stay on-campus for the program, on-campus housing for Family Members is available as a convenience to any family members registered for our Family Orientation Program on a first-come first-serve basis. Family members are welcome to find housing accommodations off-campus if they would feel more comfortable.

Can we find our own dining options while on campus?

Because Orientation takes place during the summer a large number of campus dining options are not open. We recommend purchasing a 2-Day Meal plan for family members participating in the Family Orientation Program. Meals are shared with students and many find this to be a great time to reconnect and discuss their day.

Is my family member required to attend?

Family Orientation is completely optional. We encourage family members who are unfamiliar with the college environment - or those who have a number of questions and would benefit from a face-to-face interaction - to participate.

Should a Family Member come with me?

Depends! An overwhelmingly large percentage of family members that attend this program tell us that it was immensely helpful in navigating their student's transition to life at UVM.

We encourage as many families to participate as possible - however, we understand that our families come to UVM with varying degrees of knowledge about our campus and college life. It's up to you and your family members to decide whether you think this experience will be helpful to them. Student and family orientations are separate - so attending or not attending will not impact the student Orientation experience; nor will you be the only person at the program with (or without) a family member in attendance.

Can my sibling attend?

Due to space limitations on campus - we try to advocate for just immediate family to attend; but recognize that's not always possible. Any attending siblings would have to participate in the Family Program (sans the registration fee) and would not be allowed to participate in the student orientation program.