Academic Prep


All students are required to take the Math Readiness Test prior to Orientation (you won’t be able to register for any classes if you haven’t taken the test). Do not use a calculator or any reference materials, and do not get help during the test. We need to know your capabilities so we can advise you at course registration. If you have questions about this placement exam reach out to the math department directly

You will receive login credentials to access this placement test via your UVM e-mail account starting mid-May. Your UVM NetID / password will NOT provide you access to the Math Readiness test. If you did not receive your credentials, reach out to the math department.

Approximate time: 45 minutes (20 questions) 

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Students interested in studying any level of French or Spanish must complete the Foreign Language Placement Test prior to Orientation (even if you have never taken a course in the language). Students who do not take the FLP will be disenrolled from any language course they register for. If you have questions, email here.

Approximate time: 20 minutes

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Upload your photo for your uvm catcard

The CATcard is the official identification card for UVM students, faculty and staff. It provides access to your meal plan, residence hall, washers and dryers, library, fitness center, free movie tickets and the local bus system.

To upload your photo, visit the CATcard website, follow the instructions to setup your Webcard account and submit your photo. If you submit your photo prior to your Orientation session, it will be available for you to pickup when you come to campus. To pick it up, you'll need to bring a government-issued Photo ID (like a driver's license or passport).

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Course registration will be much easier (and quicker, too!) if you have looked over degree requirements, course descriptions, majors and minors on your college’s website prior to Orientation. At Orientation you will have skilled staff and faculty members on hand to guide you through course registration, so being familiar with the options will enrich that experience.

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Common Questions
Will classes be full if I attend a later session?

We get this question a lot - and the answer is nope! An equal amount of class spaces are held and released at each Orientation session to ensure that all incoming students have the same course selection experience. There is no advantage to attending an earlier Orientation session when it comes to course registration.

I took AP Math/Language - do I still have to take the placement test(s)?

Yes. You must take the placement tests to enroll in math and language courses at UVM. The sole purpose of these tests is to gauge your curriculum level and allows your academic advisors to properly guide you in your academic path - they have no bearing on your academic record at UVM.

Should I wait to attend Orientation until my pending AP/IB scores are in?

No. It is not required to have this information in order to attend Orientation. If you have pending AP and/or IB scores, you will have the chance to discuss this with your advisor during academic advising.