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The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) gathers, analyzes, interprets, and reports various UVM student, faculty, staff, and curricular information. 

This data supports budget, management, planning, and policy activities at the institutional level (the Board of Trustees, President, Senior Vice President and Provost, and other vice presidents/provosts). We also publish various routine reports; provide official institutional data and statistics to meet various institutional reporting requirements; conduct institutional studies and analyses; and respond to special requests for data and analyses from the broader university community and others as time and resources allow.


Catamount Data

Catamount Data is the central place to find official data and analysis about the University of Vermont. It provides quick access to summary information relating to: Admissions Data, Retention / Graduation, Enrollment, Degrees Awarded, Career Outcomes, Learning Outcomes, Faculty and Staff, Research, University & Department Planning, Diversity & Climate, Historical Data, and Financial Reports.

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Recent News/Updates

December 1: Redesigned Student Enrollment and Program-Level Enrollment dashboards are now live

November 11: List of Base Pay for 2022-23 has been published. The Faculty & Staff dashboards have been updated for 2022.

October 13: Redesigned Faculty & Staff dashboards are now live

September 19: Student Enrollment and Degrees Awarded dashboards have been updated