Learning Outcomes Assessment is the central place to find information on student learning assessment, planning, and related activities conducted at the University of Vermont. It provides quick access to summary information, forms and SharePoint sites relating to the general education program and annual assessment reports for accredited and non-accredited degree programs. It also provides a range of resources for UVM faculty, staff, and students that are involved in student learning assessments. Information relating to the Academic Program Review process can be found on this website.


Our purpose behind these resources is to empower faculty, staff, and students to conduct student learning assessments and utilize those assessments to improve learning outcomes at the University of Vermont. The educational materials and training resources listed here describe the different aspects of student learning assessments.

Closed Captioning is available for all videos and can be accessed by expanding the video frame and clicking on the CC button. The Chrome browser is recommended to play the videos.

Introduction to Assessment

Top Left: Introduction to Assessment at OIRA; Top Right: Introduction to Student Learning Assessment

Bottom Left: Assessment for Continuous Improvement




Annual Assessment Report (AAR) Submission

Left: Part 1 - Completing an AAR: Completing the AAR Template Form; Right: Part 2 - Completing an AAR: Submitting an AAR Electronically



Assessment Planning

Left: Indirect and Direct Forms of Assessment; Right: Completing an Assessment Plan Template



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A Note About Accessibility

The UVM Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is committed to ensuring that reported data are accessible. If the data presented are not accessible to you, please contact the UVM ADA/504 Coordinator. OIRA will work to get you all requested data in a timely fashion.