Please see the Important Dates and Deadlines for Travel Study Program Development page for the timeline and due dates of these processes. GoAbroad-related questions should be directed to

Expression of interest

The expression of interest occurs each February for the coming academic year. Once the deadline has passed, associate deans review course interest for their unit and compare that against courses proposed in other units to identify potential conflicts (e.g. too many courses in one term or to a given location). After addressing any concerns, associate deans communicate to Continuing and Distance Education and Office of International Education which courses have approval to proceed. To submit an expression of interest:

  1. Click on the appropriate link below:
    1. Faculty-Led Program Proposal: New Domestic Program
    2. Faculty-Led Program Proposal: Audit Year Domestic Program
    3. Faculty-Led Program Proposal: Recurring Domestic Program
    4. Faculty-Led Program Proposal: New International Program
    5. Faculty-Led Program Proposal: Audit Year International Program
    6. Faculty-Led Program Proposal: Recurring International Program
  2. Click the “Apply Now” button on the page of the correct program proposal and follow the steps to complete your expression of interest. You can also use the instructions here:



Submit a proposal for new or recurring programs

Faculty of approved courses then receive instructions from Continuing and Distance Education staff to complete their proposal for their new or recurring course.  CDE will review the budget and solicit approvals from the home academic unit. For international courses, OIE will coordinate health and safety review with the UVM International Travel Advisory Group.

Faculty leaders may not submit a proposal until they are notified by Continuing and Distance Education or their dean’s office that their Expression of Interest has been reviewed and their course has been approved to run for the coming academic year. Proposals are required whether a course is new or repeat, and are reviewed for budgetary and health/safety matters. Curricular review happens outside of the proposal process. To submit a proposal, you will follow the instructions sent to you when your Expression of Interest was approved. The proposal process is in GoAbroad. If you have questions when completing GoAbroad requirements, please email

Pre-departure health and safety checklists

Course leaders and co-leaders or teaching assistants must complete and sign detailed health and safety checklists before their departure. These checklists should be completed roughly 30 days before departure, but faculty should review them 90 days before departure for planning purposes. There are separate checklists for course leaders and co-faculty/TAs. A copy of what course leaders and co-faculty/TAs sign is viewable on Travel Study Faculty and TA Health and Safety Checklists.


Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) coordinates the budget process. 

  • CDE will provide you with a budget template. If your course is a renewal, the template will reflect your prior trip's budget.
  • Before you complete the budget template, please carefully review the tab labeled Please Read First, which highlights important information.
  • Questions? Email


Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) coordinates the vendor contract process. 

  • Expense categories include housing, meals, entrance fees, supplies/materials, in-country transportation, local guides, and guest speakers. Expenses must align to an expense category in your budget. If you are working with a vendor who will arrange an all-inclusive travel package for one contracted price, the contract for services must indicate the expense category and per individual pricing. This will allow you to more easily manage your overall budget. UVM requires certain forms that must be completed and returned to UVM by foreign vendors. These forms can include an International Wire Request form and W8BEN form. Invoices are always required to make any prepayment.
  • If you receive a contract that requires a signature, forward the document to Do not sign a document on behalf of the university. UVM Purchasing and UVM Risk Management must review agreements prior to payment of services. Submit all documents at least 3-4 months before the start date of your course.
  • Review in detail health and safety requirements for transportation and housing as you identify vendors and discuss required services

Partner/vendor insurance

The UVM Department of Risk Management requires partners, contractors and/or vendors providing services to demonstrate proof of liability insurance, as follows:

It is the faculty course leader's responsibility to collect proof of insurance (valid for the period of course activity) for each vendor/contractor/partner according to the guidelines above, and to have the insurance reviewed by the Department of Risk Management and Safety. Vendors will be required to provide proof of automobile insurance as mandated by the host country's laws (if contracting a charter bus or other vehicle) and general liability insurance according to the standard availability in the destination country (if contracting with a non-transportation vendor). The Department of Risk Management and Safety requires 30 days to review proof of insurance. Faculty course leaders must submit insurance for review at least 90 days prior to departure to Faculty course leaders should also follow up with Risk Management to confirm approval or needed changes.

Student tasks

  • Indicate interest through CDE portal and complete any specific applications or interviews required by the faculty member
  • Pay non-refundable deposit to commit to the course
  • Seek permission overrides from faculty if needed.
  • Register through normal university procedures.
  • Upon registration, tuition, program fees and other required fees will be charged to student account. (Costs not covered by the program fee are the responsibility of the student.)
  • Complete GoAbroad student requirements (questions may be directed to which include medical clearance forms (if applicable to the course)


Student questions: