iStart is UVM's system for requesting and processing immigration documents. This guide is for hiring and host departments. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment by emailing if after following the instructions below you need more guidance.

    Important reminders

    • iStart uses only two types of "University IDs":  the UVM Network ID (once someone has arrived to UVM and has activated their NetID), and an iStart TEMPID (for use prior to a Visitor or New Employee's arrival). Please do not use PeopleSoft IDs nor Banner '95' numbers.
    • Accuracy is critical. The immigration documents we issue are based exactly on the information provided in iStart. Inaccurate information can mean delays in arrival, delays in ability to start, or later cancelation of visas which can cost significant sums of money. Please double-check data entry for accuracy prior to submission. 

    Basic iStart Tasks - Initiating a request

    Accessing the system

    If this is your first time accessing the system, see the "Department Access" section below. Otherwise, go to and Log in with your UVM NetID and password if requested. Click on "Departmental Services" to reach the menu. 

    Add a new person

    This task is needed only when the individual for whom you are requesting immigration documents has not previously visited, worked at, nor been enrolled at UVM. 

    To add a new person to iStart, gather this information about your new employee or visitor. It is critical that this information is entered accurately. Mistakes will delay your visitor/employee from getting their immigration documents.
    • Have they previously been to UVM? [If yes, please stop here, and go to "Finding someone with current/past UVM connections"]
    • First name (EXACTLY as it appears on passport)
    • Family name (EXACTLY as it appears on passport)
    • Date of birth: Ask that the month be spelled out, rather than written numerically, to ensure accuracy. (Don't assume that 01/06/71 is January 6; it could be June 1.)
    • Email address that the employee/visitor checks regularly
    • Gender (as it appears on passport)

    In the left-hand menu, click "Add new person." Enter the above information. Select "no" for the questions regarding university ID and network ID, even if this person has already been issued a UVM Network ID. Click the "Add new person" button, and the system will create an iStart TEMP ID for that individual, and put them into your Current Cases list.

    Finding someone with past/current UVM connections

    Anyone who has previously been to UVM in a non-immigrant status likely already has an iStart record. Anyone who is currently a student or employee at UVM -- whether in your department or not -- has an iStart record. To ensure documents are issued appropriately, it is best to make requests in the existing iStart record.

    To find an existing record, you will need the individual's:

    • UVM Network ID (not PeopleSoft nor '95' number)
    • Date of birth: Ask that the month be spelled out, rather than written numerically, to ensure accuracy. (Don't assume that 01/06/71 is January 6; it could be June 1.)

    Contact our office if you aren't sure if the Visitor has a UVM Network ID on file, and we can confirm for you.

    In "Departmental Services" menu, select the immigration document you need to request for this individual (e.g. J-1 extension). Enter the above information to find the record.

    Completing the request

    In the grey box under "Case Information Display," select the type of case you need to work on. The group of electronic forms will appear. Complete the "Applicant Access" form with the Visitor/Employee's name and accurate email address; iStart will send them an email asking that they complete biographical and immigration information. Please continue on to the next electronic form. You may save a draft of any form. Generally speaking, the department chair (and dean if required) will not receive an iStart request to approve a case until the Faculty Host/Supervisor has approved a case. The departmental user will not be able to submit a case for review by the Office of International Education until all electronic forms required in the group are completed. See the key to understand who may not have completed a step. You will receive an email when each individual completes their step(s).

    Returning to an incomplete request

    Click on "Departmental Services Overview." Cases on which you have recently worked will show up in "Current cases." Click on the name of the Vistior/employee for which you have an incomplete request. 


      My employee/visitor isn't in my "Current Cases" list.

      If you have not taken action on a case in the last 90 days, it moves to your "Past Cases" list at the bottom of the "Current Cases" column. Click on "Past Cases" and you will find those individuals.

      I need to make a change to something I already submitted.

      If you recently submitted the request and OIE has not issued a document, email and indicate which form you need to edit. We will re-set the form to draft status and you may make your edit and re-submit. If you requested a J-1 Program DS-2019 and you have already been notified that OIE has issued the document, please complete the electronic form for that client called "J-1 Visitor Changes after DS-2019 issuance." If you requested an H-1B and there is a proposed change to job duties, salary, etc. please email

      The faculty supervisor/chair/dean can't open the email link and/or it's blank when they open it.

      Email link will not open: We find this happens most often when people are trying to access iStart from off campus using a home computer with an outdated browser. Possible solutions are to wait until they have access to a newer computer when they have returned to campus, or to try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

      iStart is blank when the supervisor/chair clicks on the link: This most often happens when an electronic form was submitted and later canceled by you (the department user). If a form is canceled, the recipient will no longer be able to access the original request, so you should notify them to look for a second email (if you re-submitted a request after canceling). iStart might come up blank when it is clicked on from an email if the form was already approved, but perhaps the supervisor/chair forgot they already approved it.

      I need to enter more characters than the form allows.

      Certain fields require concise descriptions due to limitations in government forms. However, if you need to explain something beyond the space provided, please email, indicating the form name and field with which you are having problems, and we will troubleshoot.

      Nothing on this page is helping me solve my problem. Who can help me?

      Please take a screen shot if possible, or describe your problem as fully as you can, and email .


      Department Access

      Department users request immigration documents through iStart only for full-time employees, visiting scholars, and visiting students. Each department or unit has a single point of contact for these requests, and typically it is a business manager. Department users do not need to take action in iStart for matriculated students; students who will be enrolled in full-time coursework are automatically contacted by our office post-admission. 

      First-time access

      1. Go to
      2. Click the Login button under "Current students, faculty or staff"
      3. Log-in using UVM Network ID and password if requested
      4. Select "Department" and click "Request Account"
      5. Email with subject line "iStart access has been requested"
      6. You will receive an email when your access has been granted.

      Changing department administrators

      If you are taking over for a previous departmental administrator, after you request iStart access, please include in your email indicating who you are replacing. Once your access is approved, we will provide your department client information. If you will be leaving your position, please notify us in advance, even if your replacement is not yet hired, so that we can calendar a follow-up.

      Updating your contact information

      If you change jobs/departments but still need iStart access, or your office address or phone number changes:
      1. Go to
      2. After logging in, click on "Departmenal Services"
      3. In the right-hand menu, select "Update your information"

      Faculty supervisor, chair and dean access to iStart

      Faculty supervisors, chairs and deans do not need departmental access to iStart. When you as the departmental administrator submit a request, you will give supervisor, chair and/or dean names and email addresses as applicable for the case you are working on. iStart will send an email to that individual, and that individual need only click on that unique link to approve a request. The log-in information is pre-populated.