Upon completion of a program, you are responsible for requesting official transcripts to be sent directly to UVM Transfer Affairs. Paper transcripts are considered official only if they arrive to UVM Transfer Affairs in a sealed, unopened envelope. If transcripts are sent to you directly, do not open the envelope. Bring the unopened envelope to UVM Transfer Affairs. If official electronic transcripts are available at your host institution, have them sent to

Some institutions/programs require a transcript release form; check if this is required before returning home. Additionally, transcripts are often held if students have an outstanding bill. It is your responsibility to attend to these issues before returning home.

The transcript received by UVM’s Office of Transfer Affairs must be from an accredited institution. This may be an accredited university abroad or in some cases from a U.S. transcribing institution. U.S. transcribing institutions serve as schools of record for programs that are not accredited (such as CIEE, IES, etc.). Make sure you know whether or not you need a school of record transcript.

UVM will not retain copies of your study abroad transcript after you graduate. For future planning you may want to request several extra copies of your official transcript be sent to you sealed, in case at a later date you apply to graduate school or for a position that requires college transcripts.  Keep them sealed so they remain official.