Travel study planning and processes follow this schedule. When dates/deadlines fall on a holiday or weekend, they are moved to the following Monday and any items due would be required by 12:00pm.

TimelineWinter BreakSpring BreakSummer
Department Chair reviews prior year's travel course evaluationsFebruaryFebruaryFebruary
OIE confirms GoAbroad instructions for call for expression of interestFebruary 1February 1February 1
Call for expression of interest goes out to facultyFebruary 4February 4February 4
Expression of interest dueMarch 4March 4March 4
CDE sends list of expression of interest courses to Associate DeansMarch 5March 5March 5
Associate Deans send CDE and OIE their final approved unit list after reviewMarch 22March 22March 22
Faculty of approved courses are notified by CDE to begin new, recurring, or audit year course proposal and budget submissionsMarch 25March 25March 25
Budget due to CDE; copy Dean's office Business ManagerMay 20May 20August 30
Faculty GoAbroad requirements completedJune 3June 14Sepetmber 2
CDE program webpages created and activated (applications will not open and student deposits will not be collected until your final budget is approved)June 10June 21September 9
GoAbroad brochure pages (created by OIE) activatedJune 10June 21September 9
Budget reviewed by CDE June 28June 28October 18
Chair and Dean approvals of budgets through CDE. Begin collecting deposits from accepted studentsJuly 1-8July 1-8October 21-25
International Travel Advisory Group review (international courses only)By September 15By September 15By October 30
Registrar's Office builds course in BannerAugust - mid-SeptemberAugust - mid-SeptemberOctober-November
Faculty Student Management/Student Recruitment (travel course gets listed on travel page with general info, also listed in GoAbroad, deposit process doesn't start until after unit approvals)June 10 - Go/No Go dateJune 21 - Go/No Go DateSeptember 9 - Go/No Go Date
Submit draft vendor contracts and insurance documentation to (Payment will not be released to vendors until your course meets minimum enrollment requirements and is approved at Go/No Go date.)September 28November 12February 25
Go/No Go Deadline (pre-payment processes begin and final itinerary is established)October 18November 29March 23
Pre-payment deadlineNovember 1December 13April 3
Faculty/TAs attend health/safety workshopNovember 1December 13April 3
CDE sends final student roster to OIENovember 2December 14April 4
OIE creates student GoAbroad records according to final student rosters and provides students with GoAbroad instructionsNovember 9December 21April 11
Student GoAbroad deadlineDecember 1February 1May 1
Faculty GoAbroad deadline- final itinerary, health/safety checklistsDecember 1February 1May 1
Student pre-departure meetings completeDecember 10February 14May 1
Reconciliation of program expenses (you will receive a reminder to email the completed Expense Tracking Worksheet; send all original receipts by email to, whose staff will create an Employee Expense Report on your behalf)End of courseEnd of courseEnd of course