iAbroad is UVM’s study abroad database. It allows students to search for study abroad programs based on academic requirements, regional interests, and duration of stay. It also acts as a personalized checklist for students during the study abroad application and predeparture processes. Completing the four phases of this checklist by the end of classes in the semester preceding your study abroad experience is how UVM students become approved to study abroad.

Program database

All approved study abroad programs are listed in iAbroad. If a program is not found in iAbroad, it is not approved by UVM. (Students must to take a Leave of Absence from UVM to participate on unapproved programs.)

To search for a program, choose your academic interest and the region of the world or country in which you are interested and click "search". If you know the desired language of instruction or term abroad, you can input these to narrow your search. Balloons with yellow stars are programs which match all of your stated interests.

iAbroad phases

There are four phases of iAbroad that UVM students are required to complete by the last day of class in the semester preceding their study abroad program:

Inquiry Phase

Students should begin working in this phase 12-15 months before the planned term abroad. This phase prepares students to choose their best fitting program, and ensures that they understand UVM’s requirements to study abroad. It must be completed before a student applies to a program. To begin the Inquiry phase, click link on the bottom of the page that says "Begin and continue through your Inquiry Phase". The Inquiry phase only needs to be completed once - if you wish to apply to multiple programs, or cancel your record in iAbroad, contact OIE.

Apply Phase

Students should be in this phase when they are applying to their program. It provides useful information to successfully complete study abroad applications. This phase houses the bilateral exchange applications. Students applying to other programs should apply directly through their program's website, in addition to completing the iAbroad Inquiry phase.

Conditional Acceptance Phase

Once a student has been accepted into a study abroad program, the student's study abroad application is reviewed for approval by various UVM offices including: Office of Transfer Affairs, Academic Advisors, Honors College, Student Financial Services, and Dean's Offices.

Pre-Departure Phase

All UVM students who are studying abroad for credit or are being funded by the University of Vermont must complete this phase. This phase is specialized depending on the student's specific study abroad program. The Pre-Departure phase must be completed prior to going abroad. Generally the completion deadline is the last day of classes in the semester before a student's study abroad experience, but students will also receive their completion deadline in email communication from iabroad@uvm.edu.

Logging in to iAbroad for the first time

To start your iAbroad checklist and prepare to study abroad, go to iAbroad. You will be on the Search tab, which is where you can search for programs that fit your needs.

  1. To log in to your iAbroad account and access your Inquiry phase, click on the "Begin and continue through your Inquiry Phase" link under the "My Academic Interests" box. Do NOT click on the Inquire tab.
  2. Once you have done this, click the "Inquire" button. 
  3. If prompted, log in with your NetID and password. If you are already logged in to myUVM on your browser, you will not be prompted to log in again. 
  4. Once logged in, your iAbroad Inquiry phase checklist will be visible. To begin working through the forms, click on the title of the form you are trying to access- do not click in the box next to it, which is not active.

If you are experiencing technical problems with iAbroad

If you are having trouble logging in to iAbroad, or with any of the forms in iAbroad, OIE recommends you try these options to fix the problem: 

  1.  Make sure you are accessing iAbroad through the correct link that corresponds to the phase of iAbroad that you are in. These are located under the "My Academic Interests" box on the search page. Do not use the Inquire and Apply tabs on iAbroad- only use the links below the "My Academic Interests" box. 
  2.  Shut down your browser and re-start it, and then try to access your iAbroad account. 
  3.  Clear your browser history/cache. 
  4.  Open a private/incognito window and try accessing iAbroad through that. 
  5.  Try a different browser.

If these options do not work, please email studyabroad@uvm.edu with a screen shot of any error message you are receiving.

For commonly asked questions about how to use iAbroad, visit the Study Abroad FAQs page.


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