Staying healthy is important. It's hard to be academically successful or to have fun if you aren't feeling well. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about healthcare and staying healthy while at UVM.

UVM Health Requirements

These are requirements of all students at UVM - please plan ahead.

Students under 18: Students under 18 should also have a parent complete the Consent to Treat a Minor Form.

Health History: Please see the Center for Health & Wellbeing (CHWB) website for more information about giving UVM your health history.

Immunizations: Vermont law requires that students have certain immunizations (also called vaccines or shots). Students should try to receive all required immunizations BEFORE they arrive at UVM. Students will need to receive any missing immunizations as soon as possible after arriving on campus. Please visit the Center for Health & Wellbeing website for information about required immunizations.

Insurance: All UVM students must have health insurance. Except for exchange students, all international students are automatically enrolled in UVM’s Student Health Insurance Plan and this will be billed to your student account. UVM’s Student Health Insurance Plan is a very good plan that covers many different types of doctor's visits and medical procedures. 

Dependents: If you are coming to the US with a dependent, you should also get health insurance for your dependent(s)! You can purchase private insurance for them or you will need to contact University Health Plans to enroll your dependent(s) in health insurance. Please click here for more information, including contact information and enrollment deadlines.

UVM Health Services

UVM offers many health care resources. Many of them are free for students.

Student Health Services (SHS) offers basic medical treatment for students.  You can see medical professionals such as a doctor, nurse or nutritionist.  SHS offers preventative care to help you stay healthy.  It also offers care when you are sick.  SHS should be your first stop for routine care.  There is a pharmacy upstairs from Student Health Services where you can get your prescriptions and first aid supplies.

Some appointments can be scheduled online through a student’s MyWellbeing account. You can also schedule appointments by phone (802-656-3350) or in person at 425 Pearl Street.

Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS) In the United States, mental health is regarded as an important part of a person’s overall health.  Students can talk to counselors about many different concerns. Issues that students talk about include academic concerns, family issues, relationship challenges, body image issues and self-harm. The psychiatrists at CAPS also offer help with medicine for mental health.

Appointments can be scheduled by phone (802-656-3340) or in person at the Jacobs House (146 S. Williams Street) or Redstone (436 S. Prospect Street) locations.

Living Well offers classes, programs and other opportunities for students to live a healthy life. Their services include programs to reduce stress and to stop smoking.

The University of Vermont Medical Center offers high-quality care in emergency situations. You should go directly to the University of Vermont Medical Center ONLY if the situation is life-threatening or if it is a serious injury, like a head injury or a broken arm. In most cases, you should start at UVM’s Student Health Services (SHS). The University of Vermont Medical Center is a hospital that is affiliated with UVM, but it is not a part of UVM. Your care there is not covered by the fees you pay to attend UVM. You may have to pay quite a bit of money if you go to the hospital, so please save it for real emergencies and call Student Health Services for all non-emergency needs. If you are not sure where to go, you can call SHS during business hours and speak to a medical professional. Outside of business hours, students can call FoneMed at 866-878-2485 to speak to a medical professional.

US Health Care Basics

Here are some tips for using healthcare in the US.

Always start with your doctor at the Student Health Services (SHS).  Unless it is an emergency, you should always start with Student Health Services.  In an emergency, go to the Emergency Room (ER) at the hospital.  You need an appointment to see a doctor or nurse at SHS.  Some appointments are available online through your MyWellbeing account.  You can also schedule appointments by phone (802-656-3350) or in person at 425 Pearl Street.  If your general doctor at SHS cannot help you, he or she will recommend that you see a specialist.  The doctor’s recommendation is called a referral.  If you go to a specialist before you receive a referral, the insurance company will pay less than if you go after you receive a referral.

Always carry your insurance card with you.  You will receive a copy of your insurance card in the mail.  You can also print a copy from the health insurance company’s website.  Keep it in your wallet and show it to the doctor whenever you go.

Don’t understand something?  Ask questions!  If you don’t understand what’s happening, ask questions!  During your doctor’s appointment, don’t be afraid to ask the doctor to repeat something.  SHS also has a translation service available.  If you think it would help, please ask for the translation service.  Before and after your appointment, OIE advisors and GGP student success managers are available to help you.  If you have questions about your bills and your insurance, UVM also has an insurance coordinator who can help.  We are all here to help you.