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In Fall 2016, UVM became a Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner. Read more about this exciting initiative and UVM's goals below.

Our Successes So Far

Since launching UVM Generation Study Abroad, we have successfully...

  • Increased the annual number of UVM undergraduate students who study abroad for a semester or longer by 18%. For the 2018-19 year we anticipate reaching 475+ students; our new goal is to send 500 undergraduate students abroad on semester or longer programs annually.
  • Increased the number of undergraduate students participating in exchange programs by 30%. 
  • Increased by 10% the total number of students at all degree levels with an international education experience.

In addition the Office of International Education has ...

  • Awarded 33 students a UVM Study Abroad Access Grant to support semester study abroad for students participating in exchange or "UVM semester" programs (tuition paid to UVM); eight students to date have used their awards.
  • Signed on with Diversity Abroad to complete its Access, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (AIDE) Roadmap (internal self-study).
  • Created a registry for non-credit independent international activities which have a learning objective.

Thanks and Kudos

KUDOS to the following campus partners for their significant contributions "behind the scenes" to Generation Study Abroad:

  • Student Financial Services (in particular Marie Johnson, Renee Blanchet and Lynda Ossola) for assisting in creating the communications mechanisms and administrative infrastructure for the Study Abroad Access Grant;
  • Office of Institutional Research (in particular Alex Yin, Larry Granillo and Meg Nyce) for providing data and completing complex analysis;
  • UVM Foundation (in particular Mark Dorgan and Ryan Chartier) for working to solicit additional donations to support the Study Abroad Access Grant;
  • ...and further thanks to come!

What is Generation Study Abroad?

Generation Study Abroad is an initiative of the Institute of International Education, an independent non-profit organization. The campaign seeks to double the number of U.S. students studying abroad and to significantly diversify that population. More than 600 colleges and universities worldwide have signed on to make a substantial commitment to this effort, including UVM.

Our Goals

Studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences a college student can have. These international experiences help students gain intercultural competency and other life skills that will help students succeed in today's global economy.

Approximately 27% of UVM students study abroad. By signing on as a Commitment Partner to Generation Study Abroad, UVM has committed to achieve the following by the end of 2020:

  • Increase the number of UVM students (medical, graduate, undergraduate) with an international experience annually from 725 to 1,000 students (a nearly 40% increase);
  • Increase the number of UVM undergraduate students studying abroad for a semester or longer by 20%;
  • Grow UVM student subpopulations having international experiences, including but not limited to STEM students, Vermont residents, first-generation college students, students from families with limited financial resources, students of color, and athletes.

How it Works

Departments and units that sign on as UVM Commitment Partners make a significant pledge to help UVM meet its goals. The Office of International Education (OIE) has dedicated additional resources to achieve UVM's goals, however we can't do it alone. To reach our target, the larger UVM community will need to join together to act decisively.

Academic units and departments at UVM that join the commitment also agree to make a significant effort in increasing the number of UVM students who study abroad. Units and departments will take actions to undertake new and expanded activities to enable more students to study abroad. By joining the UVM Generation Study Abroad challenge, units and departments agree to update OIE on their progress toward helping UVM meet its target, as well as share with colleagues when they have found successful strategies.

As a commitment member, units and departments will have the full support of OIE. Units which make substantial progress toward helping UVM meet its goals will be eligible for consideration of a grant ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 to support continued progress.

Join the Commitment

Join OIE in pledging additional resources to increase the number of UVM students studying abroad. With your help, many more UVM students will become global citizens ready to take on the world's most pressing issues.



Check back every fall and spring for UVM's Generation Study Abroad progress!

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