Before Going Abroad

To Do During the GoAbroad Pre-Decision phase:

  1. Meet with your academic advisor to discuss your study abroad plans using the Study Abroad Academic Planning form for your School/College . Plan ahead – it is recommended that you meet with your academic advisor as soon as you decide you want to study abroad for a semester, and no later than 12 months prior to your desired study abroad term.
  2. Search UVM approved study abroad programs in GoAbroad, keeping in mind the conversation you had with your academic advisor. View the ‘Researching Courses to Take Abroad’ section below for details.

To Do During the GoAbroad Post-Acceptance phase: 

  1. After acceptance into your program, the semester before you go abroad, complete the Semester Study Abroad Course Planning Worksheet.
  2. In GoAbroad, get instructions for meeting with your academic advisor to get study abroad approval.
  3. In GoAbroad, request your Overseas Study Program (OSSP) registration.

Researching Courses to Take Abroad:

  • When you research programs, review the likely available courses at each host institution/program of interest to you.
    • At the point of application, confirm that the host institution/program to which you are applying offers enough courses that will fulfill your academic objectives.
    • Verify the course level (first year, second year, etc.) and the language of instruction.
    • Identify back-up course options in the event courses change. 
    • Review the UVM Transfer Credit Guide  to see what courses have previously transferred back to UVM.
  • If course listings for your desired term abroad are not yet available, review courses from the previous year for the same term you wish to pursue. For example, students planning to study abroad Spring 2021 should review Spring 2020 courses. Students will use this information to complete their Study Abroad Course Planning Worksheet, once they have been accepted into a program.

While Abroad

  1. Enroll as a full-time student, meeting both UVM and your host institution/program’s policies. UVM requires students enroll in 12 U.S. credits to maintain full-time enrollment while abroad for a semester. However, depending on your host institution/program, you may be required to enroll in more than 12 U.S. credits while abroad, and you may want to take more than 12 U.S. credits to keep pace with your graduation requirements.
  2. As necessary, communicate with your professors/the international office at your host university/program regarding enrollment questions, course issues, grade disputes, etc. while abroad.
  3. Save all of the work you complete abroad, including but not limited to the course syllabus, notes, assignments, and exams.
  4. Request your transcript be sent to UVM Transfer Affairs.

Upon your Return

  1. Confirm with your host institution/program that your transcript is being sent to UVM Transfer Affairs. Wait for your transcript to arrive from abroad. In some locations, this can take months. 
  2. Once your transcript has arrived, UVM Transfer Affairs will evaluate your courses.  You will then be able to view your transfer credit in your myUVM portal under the Registrar tab by clicking the transfer credit link. 
  3. Follow up with an academic advisor to find out if and/or how your transfer credits may be used towards your UVM degree requirements.