Here are a few key things to keep in mind while you are planning your study abroad experience.

Class Enrollment

During a semester abroad, UVM students must enroll in and maintain a minimum of 12 U.S. credits. If you fall below full-time enrollment, there may be financial aid implications regarding student financial aid. Some countries or programs may have additional full-time enrollment requirements; check with your program provider or host international office to ensure you comply with terms for your student visa if applicable.

Provided that you have been accepted to an approved UVM program and completed your GoAbroad account, you will be enrolled at UVM in a study abroad placeholder course (OSSP: Overseas Study Program) for the term that you are abroad.

Grade Disputes

The University of Vermont cannot change or modify grades that students earn abroad. UVM honors the grades submitted on the official transcript provided by the host institution. Students need to contact the professor/host institution directly with any grade disputes.

Early Leave Policy

You are not permitted to leave the program prior to completion of the academic program, including completion of final exams. If, due to medical or safety reasons, you need to return home early, you will need to work with your host institution/program to inquire if program completion is possible. UVM can only facilitate credit transfer for successfully completed coursework abroad, represented by a transcript.