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Community is key, and you’ll find yours here in a wide variety of places.  From engaging with online communities on Facebook and Instagram, to connecting with peers in your learning community, to exploring your interests and finding friends in a variety of clubs or organizations - there’s no shortage of opportunity to build lasting relationships at UVM.

These are a few places to help you start building your network:



Your Academic Support Network

UVM Students are admitted to one of seven academic schools or colleges, and each one has a dedicated student services team, faculty and Dean. Your college’s team is always there to support you in all aspects of your UVM  journey - reach out regularly for support this summer.  

In addition, a number of academic resources are campus-wide and are available to you regardless of your school or college. These resources are used by the entire campus -- you should feel free use them anytime, including:

  • Academic Support - faculty and staff are available and eager to support you, they’re just a click, call, or email away.

  • Career Center - Career Interest Groups, a database of internship and job opportunities, career counseling and advising - all under one roof. 

  • The Navigate App - your digital academic advisor, helping you explore majors, careers, resources and reminding you of important deadlines.

  • Student Accessibility Services - provides services and accommodations to students with a documented disability that could impact their UVM experience.

  • The Tutoring & Writing Centers - get 1:1 help in a specific course, refine your study skills, work on time management, improve your note taking, and more.

Your Learning Community

UVM’s learning communities encompass the entire on-campus living experience over the next few years. You’ll start by preferencing your learning community interests, be placed in a community and live (and learn) with other students who share a similar interest, and meet your roommate(s) when you get your housing assignment (along with the specific room you’ll be living in). When fall semester begins, your learning community course will bring people together for small group learning and discussion.

Start discovering more about what your learning community has planned for you, follow them on instagram, and start engaging with your new network:

Your Involvement

Your college experience is what you make of it - and you’ll have no shortage of opportunities to explore your interests (and connect with others who share them) by involving yourself in a variety of campus organizations.  From bee keeping to weight lifting UVM has over 200 clubs to choose from, and over 86% of incoming first years involve themselves in at least one. 

But that’s just the start. From retreats to leadership programs, there are so many resources at UVM to help you find your fit and build lasting relationships in the process:

  • The Department of Student Life - from mind-blowing concerts to intimate identity development, Student Life is here to help you explore your interests and develop amazing leadership skills in the process.

  • Fraternity and Sorority Life - create life-long friendships while exploring the themes of citizenship, intellect, and leadership by joining a fraternity or sorority.

  • Student Government Association - a student body committed to advocating for the student experience while engaging you with the opportunity to build connections through clubs and organizations.

  • UVM BORED - find things to do with your new-found peers at a variety of on- and off-campus events using this student-run events calendar. (Follow them at @uvmbored to stay on top of it all)

  • UVM Clubs - a database of all SGA-recognized clubs with information, club contacts, photos, and more.

Look out for:


Your Affinity Spaces

Identity matters at UVM. Learn more about a few of UVM’s resource centers where you’ll find community, care and awesome energy:

Your Wellbeing

To be fully present in class, your wellbeing is critical. Self-care looks a bit different for everyone, but with these resources, you can begin to put your own plan in place to balance your mental and physical health.

  • Campus Recreation - Get up and get active. Join an intramural sport, a group fitness class (or two), or just enjoy the fitness facilities.

  • Counseling and Psychiatry Services (CAPS) - short-term, urgent needs, and group counseling. Mental health support to help you thrive.

  • Living Well - a health and wellbeing hub in the middle of campus. Offers information, resources, and a variety of programs to support your wellness at UVM.

  • Student Health -  your primary care office away from home. Student Health is an appointment based clinic staffed by nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical doctors, a behavioral specialist, and a dietitian.

  • Dining at UVM is more than great food. It is an experience centered on culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, healthy options, and a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility.


A Helping Hand

Here are some important resources that'll help you navigate all that lies ahead...