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TREK LogosTREK is a unique community-building and enrichment program for first-year UVM students led by experienced peers.  Sponsored by the Department of Student Life Outdoor and Leadership & Civic Engagement Programs, TREK experiences have offer new UVM students diverse experiential learning opportunities promoting the ideals of engagement, self-discovery and connection to future classmates. We look forward to having you join us this year!

The TREK experience is divided into two specifically themed programs that cater to new student interests: Wilderness and Service. Under the TREK banner, each of these programs has a variety of different trips which students can register for. We also offer groups specifically for transfer students, ALANA (African, Latinx, Asian & Native American and Bi-Racial) students, and students who identify on the LGBTQA+ spectrum who wish to participate in TREK as part of an identity-based community.

Each TREK trip is led by two experienced and trained student leaders who support between 8-10 new students during a week of service projects or on wilderness adventures in Vermont, upstate New York and for the whitewater boaters, in Maine! Looking to August, we will welcome more than 250 TREKKIES from this year's incoming class. We hope you will be one of them!


TREK takes place the week before the start of the fall semester. 2020 Trek will take place Saturday, August 22nd -- Thursday, August 27th (the day before regular First Year move-in).

Due to overwhelming demand, we suggest you get your application in early. You can learn more about the registration process on our TREK registration page. We hope that no one will have to miss out!



The TREK program is for any new first-year or transfer student who wants to become a part of a community upon arrival to UVM as a new student. Through TREK we celebrate and promote a safe and healthy community for people of all races, ethnicities, religions, national origins, genders, sexual orientations, disabilities, and ages. During TREK week, TREKKIES and TREK leaders live, work, and play together as a community, bound together by interests in Service, Leadership and Outdoor Adventures.

You DO NOT need any prior experience to participate in TREK! We strive to create a community of inclusion and therefore encourage ALL students who are new to UVM to apply. Any necessary support/adaptation for all individual needs will be made. If you have never participated in the program area you selected, please indicate this on your Registration Form.



The TREK program is firmly committed to including all interested first year students. Students with any type of disability are encouraged to apply and participate in all TREK programs. We provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations, in consultation with Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Students who are seeking accommodations should contact SAS and TREK well in advance, as some accommodations take time to implement.



Financial assistance is available for TREKKIES through support measured on stated need or by Identity-Based Scholarships (eligible identities include: first generation college students, lesbian / gay / bisexual /transgender / questioning / queer students, students of color, or students with disabilities).  Each year we offer fully paid TREK identity scholarships to these under-represented incoming student populations. 

Is TREK Still Happening?

In these rapidly changing and uncertain times, our TREK team is still working hard to plan for when we're all on-campus together again.  As things continue to change, we’ve decided to postpone our opening of TREK registration until we have a clearer idea of our program moving forward.

While our program might change, our dedication to providing our incoming students with adventures and opportunities to connect with their new UVM community is stronger than ever. We'll be sure to update this space when we know more.


Other Early Experiences

TREK isn't the only program offering early community building experiences prior to the start of the semester.  Students placed in the Wellness Environment also have the option of participating in WEventure - a 3-day pre-semester experience that explores UVM, Vermont, and the local Burlington community.

Learn more about WEventure...


Apply to be a TREK Leader

Are you a current student who loved your TREK experience? Interested in helping make the TREK program great for the Class of 2023? TREK Leader internship applications are now live!

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