ALANA TREK Group Shot - HikingThe UVM TREK program is proud to sponsor Pride TREK, for students who identify on the LGBTQA+ spectrum.

Our identity based TREK programs are structured to allow a group of incoming students to connect with fellow students who may share the same identities, and aids us in building community at UVM around common values, challenges, and experiences that are derived from the identities they hold.



ALANA TREK Group Shot - KayakingMOSAIC - "Formerly ALANA (African, Latina/o, Asian, Native American, Biracial and Multiracial)" TREK aims to offer incoming students of color a great wilderness orientation experience. As part of the Wilderness TREK program, MOSAIC TREK will familiarize participants with the unique challenges facing ALANA students at UVM and in outdoor settings. The TREK program and the student leaders in it recognize a lack of representation of ALANA identified individuals across outdoor programs at UVM. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for incoming ALANA students to explore the natural  beauty of Vermont and the fun things to do while here. We will create a wilderness-based community where experiences can be shared with other students beginning their journey at UVM .

MOSAIC TREK  provides TREKKIES with the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of outdoor recreation activities as a part of a wilderness-based community! Students will be engaged in a variety of introductory outdoor experiences: hiking, rock climbing, paddling, and camping for TREKkies. A wilderness based service day will also be a part of the MOSAIC TREK experience in an effort to provide direct service to the Green Mountain Club while learning about the value of community involvement, leadership , and living and working as a team.

MOSAIC TREK will be led by student leaders from UVM GEAR an UVM outdoor program for ALANA students interested in gaining outdoor experience that doesn’t assume any prior knowledge or experience. Fellow ALANA students, leaders will share their own UVM experiences, including academic, social, residential, athletic, and extracurricular aspects of life at UVM. Your team of 8 new students and 2 leaders will celebrate both the opportunities available to you at UVM and the diversity you contribute to the larger UVM community narrative.


Pride TREK

Provides incoming UVM students, who identify as questioning, queer, trans or other identities on the LGBTQA+ spectrum, a supportive and affirming space to explore the mountains of the North Country and creating community with peers. With the guidance of upper class UVM community leader peers, Pride TREKkies will hike from shelter to shelter, develop backcountry travel and living skills while learning more about the shared UVM student experience for LBGTQA+ students. The UVM TREK program celebrates diversity and is committed to providing new UVM student participants, access to wilderness experiences from all identity based communities.

Note: Students not interested in an identity specific TREK experience are welcome to apply to other programs available to all!

Recommended Abilities: Days are spent hiking in the woods each day, both uphill and down with a pack of up to 35lbs. In addition to personal belongings, hikers will be required to carry a proportionate amount of group gear & food.


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For more information about the TREK Programs, Costs, and financial aid options, please contact us:

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