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Starting your academic career can be a scary, stressful, yet ultimately exciting time - for students and families alike. We're sure you have a lot of questions and hope that our site has answered most of them for you, but realistically, we know it's impossible to cover everything.

If you find yourself with a question, don't hesitate to contact us - we're here to help! We'll do our best to answer it or put you in contact with the appropriate department or people who can.



Ferene Paris Meyer


Eric Carnaje

Orientation Program DirectOr

Isora Lithgow

New student programs coordinator

Julia Pingeton

administrative assistant


Orientation Graduate Coordinators (more frequently referred to as OGCs) are Graduate students at UVM's Higher Education and Student Affairs program who assist our program in innumerable ways. Here is our team for Summer 2020!

Benedicto Llave


Chantel Vereen


JAKE Small


Saege Robinson



Orientation Leaders (more frequently referred to as OLs) are student leaders who help new students make a successful and smooth transition into UVM by serving as resources and role models by providing help and advice to incoming students and their families during orientation sessions throughout the summer! Learn more about your OL and how to contact them in your Summer Status Page.

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) 

  • Adrian Pastor (He/Him)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest:  Public Communication
    ometownBronx, New York
    Fun Fact: Adrian likes to/can sing a little.

  • Johannah Gaitings-Harrod (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Dietetics, Nutrition, Food Science
    Hometown: Corinth, ME
    Fun Fact: Johannah knows about ALL the instagram corgis. 

  • Marina Cannon (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Microbiology, Chemistry, Molecular Genetics 
    Hometown: Denver, CO
    Fun Fact: Marina is ridiculously good at memorizing song lyrics.

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

  • Bridget Barry (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Elementary Education, Spanish
    Hometown: Baltimore, MD
    Fun Fact: Bridget was homeschooled for 7 years.

  • Jackson Schilling (He/Him)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Environmental Science
    Hometown: Arlington, MA
    Fun Fact: Jackson is good at soothing anxious dogs. 

  • Joy Vincenzo (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Psychological Sciences. Human Development Family Studies, Business Administration.
    Hometown: Portland, CT 
    Fun Fact: Joy can match her voice to a minions.

  • Lily Deware (She/Her)
    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Psychology
    Hometown: Easton, MA
    Fun Fact: Lily is oddly good at throwing food in the air and catching it in her mouth.   

  • Riya Padukone (She/Her)

  • Class: 2021 
    Academic Interest: Microbiology
    Hometown: Kensington, NH
    Fun Fact:   Riya is definitely high key here for the twilight renaissance.

  • Carly Moulton (She/Her/They/Them)

    Class: 2020
    Academic Interest: 
    Hometown:  Rockport, MA
    Fun Fact: Carly used to read books backwards. 

College of Engineering and Math Sciences (CEMS)

  • Ellery Finn (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Biomedical Engineering
    Hometown: Hartford, CT
    Fun Fact: Ellery used to be a competitive synchronized figure skater.

  • Emmanuella Boateng (Emmanuella)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Biomedical Engineering. Anthropology of Global Health.
    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    Fun Fact: Emmanuella is Ghanian royalty.

  • Michael Newton (He/Him)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Environmental Engineering
    Hometown: Pembroke, NH
    Fun Fact: Michael has a decent collection of houseplants and pressed plants from a Plant Biology class.

College of Education and Social Services (CESS)

  • Ama Sika (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Social Work. Chinese.
    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    Fun Fact: Ama loves eating avocados. 

  • Nick Fech (They/Them/He/Him)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Human Development and Family Studies. Behavioral Change Health Studies, Special Education.
    Hometown: Fairfield, CT
    Fun Fact: Nick conducted a symphony orchestra when they were 12, and his family has photos to prove it.  

  • Kat Henderson (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Social Work
    Hometown: Braintree, MA
    Fun Fact: 
    Kat is really good at untying knots.

College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS)

  • Jen Zwerling (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Health Sciences
    Hometown: Setauket, NY 
    Fun Fact: Jen has never eaten a bowl of cereal in her life.

  • Oumaima Sriji (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Medical Labratory Science. Chemistry and College of Medicine COMU minor. 
    Hometown: Chatham, NJ
    Fun Fact: Oumaima has lived in 4 continents. 


  • Zyakkiriah Rhoden (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Health Sciences, Community Entrepreneurship 
    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    Fun Fact: 
    Zyakkiriah really likes soda, and is currently obsessed with McDonald's sprite (it's so spicy).


Grossman School of Business (GSB)

  • Erin Adams (She/Her/They/Them)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest:  
    Fun Fact: Erin has a rock collection of rocks from around the world! 

  • Conrad Sacher (He/Him)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: 
    Fun Fact: Conrad is on the US snowboard team.

Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources (RSENR)

  • Hannah Nyoike (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Environmental Studies. Studio Art.
    Hometown: Madison, WI
    Fun Fact: Hannah accidentally ran into and made short eye contact with Travis Scott in NYC 3 years ago.

  • Jessica Suquilanda (She/Her)

    Class: 2022
    Academic Interest: Wildlife Biology. Animal Science.
    Hometown: Bronx, NY
    Fun Fact: Jessica has a dog named Oliver (she'll probably pull out her phone and show pictures of him at any moment just cause) and a hamster named Jet!

  • Moriah Covey (She/Her)

    Class: 2021
    Academic Interest: Elementary Education. Special Education. 
    Hometown: Williamstown, VT
    Fun Fact: Moriah got to see Lizzo in concert and it was the best!



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