Welcome, Catamounts!

We are so excited that you chose UVM to be your university home! Now, in order to prepare you for your fall semester, there’s a few things we need you to do before YOUR first day of classes! New Student Programs is here to help -- we have designed a Virtual Fall Orientation to help you feel excited and prepared to start your journey as a UVM Student this fall. You’ll find everything you need to know and do here on our website.

Your Virtual Fall Orientation will begin on August 24th. Each day, starting on the 24th, we will launch a new module for you to explore. There are five modules for you to review prior to your first day of classes, and we encourage you to review each at your own pace -- just be sure to finish up before your classes begin. These modules include campus and academic introductions, information about UVM resources, and even some inside tips, tricks, and advice from current UVM students.

Your learning only begins here. Bookmark this page to refer back to these modules whenever you want. Go Cats Go!

PS: In addition to the modules that you can complete on your own, we have some great Welcome events happening from 8/24 and beyond. There's plenty of exciting programs and activities to choose from, so make sure you check them out on UVM Bored!



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Chat with NSP

Have questions? Visit us on Microsoft Teams at go.uvm.edu/chatnsp to chat with a member of our NSP Team and get your questions answered. We will be available from 11am - 2pm EDT every day during this week-- so reach out! If you message us outside of these hours, we will respond to your chat as soon as possible. 


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8/24: Academic Success
and Preparedness

From specifics about your academic unit to resources and support services, here you’ll learn how to make the most of your academic experience here at UVM.

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8/25: Beyond the

You’re more than a student at UVM -- you’re part of a community. Here we’ll cover involvement, details about remote support, Residential Life and dining, safety, and the Burlington community.

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and Inclusion

From UVM history to Our Common Ground, deep dive into the heart of UVM. Learn the foundation behind the pride of our diverse learners, explorers and Catamounts.

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8/27: Health and

UVM is committed to supporting your holistic wellbeing. Learn more about the resources available to guide you in your path to wellness at UVM.

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8/28: Taking care
of business

... and everything else you need to know! From Catcard to getting around, this  section will cover what it takes to thrive as a Catamount!

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