Professor Gregory Bottoms, UVM Department of English

"White Kid: A Memoir of Race, Racism, Class, and Culture in the 1970s"

English and Creative Writing Professor Gregory Bottoms discusses and reads from his current work-in-progress.  White Kid tells stories from his early life in Hampton Roads, Virginia, where he lived in an all-white, working-class neighborhood adjacent to poor, all-black neighborhoods during the time of busing and integration.  The memoir explores the devastating effects of institutionalized racism and the overt and covert expressions of white anxieties about race.  

Professor Bottoms is a writer of essays, memoirs, art and cultural criticism, and short stories.  He is the author of seven books, including the acclaimed memoir Angelhead and the recent collection of autobiographical essays and stories Pitiful Criminals, which was long-listed for the prestigious Story Prize.  Esquire has written: "Bottoms writes like a poet, he writes like he is on fire."  And David Ulin of The Los Angeles Times says, "Everything matters, is what [Bottoms] means to tell us, and yet we can never understand what it all means."

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