Claire Dumont '19Claire Dumont stopped to take in the sights in Madaba Governorate, Jordan, en route to the Dead Sea during her sophomore year abroad in Aman, Jordan. (Photo: Courtesy of Claire Dumont)

Claire Dumont ’19, a Geography major and Environmental Studies minor, will hike the newly established 400-mile Jordan Trail, which spans the length of Jordan from Umm Qais to Aqaba along the Jordan River, in order to create a culturally specific hiking guide. Working in collaboration with the Jordan Trail Association, Dumont’s guide will help Jordan establish its wildlife identity and standards for how citizens and visitors interact with its natural environment. “The goal of the project and why it’s important is, since the trail is becoming more popular, to create this hiking guide so Jordan has control over what their wilderness is supposed to be,” she says.

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Kevin Coburn