Dear Undergraduate, Graduate, Certificate and Non-Degree Students, We know that many of you are looking ahead to spring 2021. I’m writing to share information that will be helpful as you plan for next semester.

I want to thank you for your outstanding response to the health and safety requirements that have been in place this fall. Your hard work and dedication have resulted in weekly test results running at a more than 99.99% negativity rate.

Despite these great numbers, an on-campus experience may not be right for everyone, and we will continue to offer two learning options, (1) on-campus and (2) at-home, in the spring 2021 semester. These options are open to all students: undergraduate, graduate, certificate, and non-degree.

The Learning Options

In the on-campus learning option, students will:

  • enroll in in-person instruction, but due to social distancing requirements will also have some mixed, online (asynchronous), and remote (synchronous) courses
  • have access to on-campus facilities; some facilities, like Howe Library and fitness and recreation spaces may have reduced hours of operation and lower occupancy limits
  • participate in regular COVID-19 testing being conducted by the UVM COVID-19 Information and Service Center
  • be required to abide by the Green and Gold Promise, and will need to carefully follow quarantining requirements upon their return to Burlington
  • reside in a campus residence hall (first-years and sophomores) or local housing (undergraduate students who have met their on-campus housing requirement, and graduate, certificate, and non-degree students)
  • have access to socially distanced study spaces

In the at-home learning option, students will:

  • enroll in online (asynchronous), remote (synchronous), and the remote components of some mixed courses
  • not participate in regular COVID-19 testing being conducted by the UVM COVID-19 Information and Service Center
  • be required to abide by the Green and Gold Promise
  • reside in an off-campus location as determined by the following requirements:
    • First years, sophomores, or other students who have not completed their 4-semester on-campus residency requirement must reside in their officially listed permanent residence
    • Undergraduate students who have met their on-campus housing requirement, graduate students, and certificate and non-degree students may reside locally off-campus if they choose
  • be able to access remote services such as tutoring, writing support, digital library resources and reference librarian support, and advising
  • have no access to our physical campus for any reason, including work, research, meetings, or visits.  Please note that graduate students with an assistantship must provide documentation from the assistantship supervisor that all activities will be accomplished remotely before their request for at-home status can be approved
  • not be eligible for a free summer 2021 course; that opportunity was only available in fall 2020 as an acknowledgement of students having to make a  decision about their learning option under tight timing

Spring 2021 Academic Calendar

We have revised the spring 2021 academic calendar. Classes will begin later (February 1), spring break recess has been eliminated, and the final exam period has been slightly altered, all to allow for a full semester of instruction while responding to health and safety needs.

Important Dates

October 12:

October 26:

  • The initial spring 2021 Schedule of Courses will be posted.
  • The at-home election form will open

November 7:

  • The final spring 2021 Schedule of Courses will be posted; please note that extenuating circumstances may result in further, modest changes to the Schedule of Courses after November 7

November 13:

  • At-home election form deadline; submission of the at-home form is necessary to gain access to spring courses that are only available to at-home students

November 16:

Course Delivery Modes

  • Classes that will be delivered with all in-person instruction will meet in classroom spaces that allow for 6-foot distancing. These classes will be designated INPR.
  • Many classes will be designated as MIXD indicating “mixed instruction.” Mixed instruction can be organized in many different ways, but in all cases these courses will include some in-person
  • instruction and some remote or online instruction. At-home students will be able to register for special YY sections of many MIXD courses.
  • Some classes will be designated as REMT indicating “remote instruction.” These classes will have an assigned meeting time, but will meet live online, instead of in-person.
  • Some classes will be listed as ONL, and will follow an asynchronous online format with online discussions, activity, and content, but no required scheduled meetings.

Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

There will be no change in academic year 2020-21 tuition or comprehensive fees for students who choose the at-home option. Financial aid awards for students who were scheduled or required to live on campus will be reviewed and revised if necessary, to reflect the reduced housing and meal costs. The at-home option will not impact any UVM merit-scholarships for which you are currently eligible. Student Financial Services will make every effort to minimize the impact of this option on grant awards, reducing grants only if required under federal regulations. Each student's award will be reviewed and revised individually. In the great majority of cases, the choice of at-home rather than on-campus will reduce what students and families would otherwise need to borrow or pay directly.

Informational Resources

If you have questions about your course schedule or degree requirements, contact the Student Services Office within your College/School. Please contact Student Financial Services with financial aid or billing questions.

You can learn more about the at-home option on the Frequently Asked Questions webpage. Please refer to the Spring Housing FAQs for any questions about leaving or living on campus.

Regardless of your choice, you will remain a valued member of our community. If you choose the at-home option, we remain committed to providing you with a meaningful educational experience and we hope that you will make every effort to engage in opportunities for virtual connection with campus during the semester.

Patricia A. Prelock
Provost and Senior Vice President
The University of Vermont


Patricia Prelock, Provost and Sr. VP