Pawlet--The 35th annual 4-H Shooting Sports Jamboree brought 74 youths, representing 10 4-H clubs, to Pawlet to compete.

Host 4-H clubs for the July 26-28 event were the Oxbow Mountain Shooting Sports 4-H Club, Pawlet, and Pownal Valley 4-H Sharpshooters, Pownal. University of Vermont (UVM) Extension 4-H sponsored the jamboree, which was held at the Ross Family Farm.

The competition, which got underway on Saturday morning, included archery, pistol, rifle, Seneca Run (muzzleloader, hawk and knife throw, instinctive bow, fire starting), shotgun and a hunting/wildlife skills contest. The latter challenged competitors with identification of animal skulls, feathers, furs, tracks and scat; shoot/don't shoot hunting scenarios and a timed map and compass contest.

Individuals who were recognized at the closing ceremony for finishing in the top four in their division and discipline, in order of placement, were:


SENIOR (14-18): Ethan Moore, Pawlet; Luke McReynolds, North Danville; Jonathan Churchill, Groton. Honorable Mention: Colby Butler, Dorset

JUNIOR (11-13): Jacob Churchill, Groton; Andy McReynolds, North Danville; Jayden Mead, Poultney. Honorable Mention: Liam Walsh, East Dorset

NOVICE (8-10): Ivan Osinchuk, Springfield; Misha Chirkoy, Newbury; Brooke Flewelling, Rutland. Honorable Mention: Robert Harris, Poultney.


SENIOR: Jonathan Churchill, Groton; Joseph Scott, West Danville; Hunter Smith, Westminster. Honorable Mention: Brady Roy, Springfield

JUNIOR: Jacob Churchill, Groton; Uma Chirkova, Newbury; Andy McReynolds, North Danville. Honorable Mention: Juliana McDermid, Chester

NOVICE: Misha Chirkov, Newbury; Ivan Osinchuk, Springfield; Robert Harris, Poultney. Honorable Mention: Karmen Wilbur, Colchester


SENIOR: Audrey Chairvolotti, Simsbury, Connecticut; Olivia Abair, Jeffersonville; Jonathan Churchill, Groton. Honorable Mention: Ethan Moore, Pawlet

JUNIOR: Jayden Mead, Poultney; Weyland Larson, Poultney; Uma Chirkova, Newbury. Honorable Mention: Liam Walsh, East Dorset

NOVICE: Nick McReynolds, North Danville; Brooke Flewelling, Rutland; Misha Chirkov, Newbury; Honorable Mention: Ivan Osinchuk, Springfield

PISTOL (.22 pistol or air pistol, depending on competitor's age)

SENIOR: Jackson Chairvolotti, Simsbury, Connecticut; Hunter Smith, Westminster; Taylor Tetreault, Groton. Honorable Mention: Hannah Lange, Wells River

JUNIOR: Liam Walsh, East Dorset; Uma Chirkova, Newbury; Jacob Churchill, Groton. Honorable Mention: Hannah Smiley, Milton

NOVICE: Brooke Flewelling, Rutland; Ivan Osinchuk, Springfield; Collin Smith, Petersbury, New York. Honorable Mention: Tristin Warner, Granville, New York


SENIOR: Colton Masure, St. Johnsbury; Christian Aldrich, Lyndonville; Ethan Moore, Pawlet. Honorable Mention: Colby Butler, Dorset.

JUNIOR: Mia Puffer, Waterford; Andy McReynolds, North Danville; Julian Mercy, Barre. Honorable Mention: Jacob Churchill, Groton

NOVICE: Nick McReynolds, North Danville; Isaac Osinchuk, Springfield; Robert Harris, Poultney. Honorable Mention: Karmen Wilbur, Colchester


SENIOR: Luke McReynolds, North Danville; Brady Roy, Springfield; Colby Butler, Dorset. Honorable Mention: Jackson Chairvolotti, Simsbury, Connecticut

JUNIOR: Evan Hash, Lyndonville; Peter Abair, Jeffersonville; Jayden Mead, Poultney. Honorable Mention: Padraig Parker, Grafton

NOVICE: Misha Chirkov, Newbury; Liam Gallagher, Fairfax; Collin Smith, Petersbury, New York. Honorable Mention: William DeBonis, Poultney


SENIOR: Colby Butler, Dorset; Ethan Moore, Pawlet; Christian Aldrich, Lyndonville. Honorable Mention: Hunter Smith, Westminster

JUNIOR: Jacob Churchill, Groton; Peter Abair, Jeffersonville; Jacob Leary, Dorset. Honorable Mention: Alex Daisey, Orford, New Hampshire

NOVICE: Bryson Harwood. Pownal; Collin Smith, Petersbury, New York; Tristin Warner, Granville, New York. Honorable Mention: Henry Bradshaw, Jericho

The jamboree also featured individualized instruction at a practice session, water games, a potluck supper and an ice cream social. Vermont State Game Warden Jeff Whipple presented on Vermont Operation Game Thief, showing how Vermonters can provide tips and information to help reduce fish and wildlife violations.

 Joel Flewelling of Rutland and a 4-H volunteer with the Oxbow Mountain Shooting Sports Club, gave a retrieving dog demonstration with his Boykin Spaniels, Oakley and Barley. 

4-H volunteer Carrie Decker of Lake George, New York, and Oxbow Mountain organized activities for kids under eight, who while welcome to attend the jamboree, were ineligible to compete. At each activity station, one per shooting sports discipline, participants answered a question or completed an action as well as did a craft project, using their six finished crafts to make a 4-H jamboree mobile.

Receiving certificates of participation for this activity were Leif Comar, Pawlet; Brody Decker, Lake George, New York; Isaac Boucher and Joey Gajewsky, both from Bennington; Alexander DeBonis, Poultney; Rylee Lanphear and Ava and Eli Locke, all from Irasburg; Isabel Osinchuk, Springfield; Aislyn Parent, Cambridge; and Luke Wilbur, Colchester.

In addition, 12 4-H adult volunteers took part in Stop the Bleed training lead by Dr. Christopher Barsotti, a 4-H volunteer from Pownal. Stop the Bleed, developed by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma, teaches how to treat hemorrhagic injuries and prevent death.

If interested in joining or starting a 4-H Shooting Sports Club, contact your local UVM Extension office or Lisa Muzzey, UVM Extension 4-H Shooting Sports coordinator, at


Lisa Muzzey
Ashton Morse, Pownal (right) listens as Patrick Wilson, Rupert, provides instruction on shotgun at a practice session at the jamboree. (photo: Lisa Muzzey/UVM Extension 4-H)
Joel Flewelling, Rutland, (right) tests Collin Smith, Petersbury, New York, on his orienteering skills as part of the hunting/wildlife skills contest. (photo: Lisa Muzzey/UVM Extension 4-H)