The nearby village of Jeffersonville, Vt., is base camp for Alpinist, a quarterly magazine devoted to climbing and mountain adventures around the world. Molly Jennings ’17 settled in there this summer working with world renowned authors and photographers who capture stories and images of the world above tree line. An outdoor adventurer herself, Molly is handling everything from research, proofing, soliciting and managing photo submissions, interviewing climbers and writing book reviews. “I’m a more confident writer thanks to my English professors and classes as an undergrad. This past semester, I was also working with professor Richard Watts for the Center for Research on Vermont. As a Vermont Studies intern, I developed research and writing skills that helped prepare me for my work at Alpinist.” Molly is looking forward to a career in the outdoor gear/apparel industry, and her internship is connecting her with people who share her energy and passion for writing and the outdoors. “I am slowly learning how the industry operates. I feel like I’m developing skills at the Alpinist that will be valuable to future employers, but most importantly lead to a career that I enjoy.”