Watering Houseplants and other January Gardening Tips

Watering houseplants properly, checking them for spider mites regularly, and ordering seeds early are some of the gardening activities for this month. Read the Full Article >>

Attractive Bark in Winter Landscapes

Winter landscapes need not be drab and dreary, and can have color, by choosing plants for interesting bark.  Read the Full Article >>

Indoor Winter Gardening Questions

How to treat unplanted spring-flowering bulbs, an amaryllis when through flowering, and houseplants dropping leaves, are some of the common indoor gardening questions this time of year.  Many also ask if there are food crops that you can grow indoors during winter.  Read the Full Article >>

Easy Houseplants—Umbrella Plant

This common indoor plant is not too fussy aboutculture—just give bright light, don’t overwater, and watch for certain pests. Read the Full Article >>

AAS Flower Winners for 2017

Some of the top new flowers for this year, which received the All-America Selections award, include seven annuals and one perennial.  Read the Full Article >>

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Leonard Payne Perry