Dear Faculty, I  hope you enjoyed your 4th of July holiday. I’m writing to share some important updates.

  • A reminder that the Faculty Teams Live event at noon today will focus on the Student Experience. Please use the link below to join the event (not the long link provided last week).

Faculty Teams Live Event – The Student Experience
Thursday, July 9
12:00 – 1:00pm

  • I hope you will join us for the Faculty Teams Live event next week as well:

Faculty Teams Live Event – Classroom Technology
Thursday, July 16
12:00 – 1:00pm

  • Responses to the questions submitted at the June 30 Faculty Teams Live event are posted here. We will continue to provide responses to questions raised at our live events and will post them as quickly as possible.
  • On July 6, the U.S. federal government released COVID-19 procedural guidance for international students with F-1 or M-1 status for Fall 2020. Central to this guidance is the requirement that international students who are in the U.S. must be enrolled in one or more in-person courses for the duration of the semester. I have asked deans, program directors and department chairs to review how the planned delivery mode for courses may impact their international students, and to make faculty and staff advisors aware of these requirements. The Office of International Education has apprised international students of these rules and offered guidance for those international students both currently in the US and abroad. All student questions related to maintenance of F-1 or M-1 status should be directed to the Office of International Education at
  • We have adjusted the at-home option timeline to provide students with more time to review the revised Schedule of Courses before making a decision on the at-home option.  The new, detailed schedule is posted on the Registrar’s website.

Important Dates:

July 13:            Revised Schedule of Courses available for review
July 17:            At-home election forms due by 11:59 EDT
July 20:            Schedule adjustment period for at-home students w/priority access
July 21-22:       Schedule adjustment period for all at-home students (and remains open)
July 23:            Schedule adjustment period for on-campus students w/priority access
July 24:            Schedule adjustment period for all on-campus students begins (and remains open)

  • The President has released a video to students describing the at-home option, underscoring the Green and Gold Promise and the changes that will be necessary to support our safe return to campus in the fall.
  • Beginning next week, planning considerations, teaching strategies, and resources for each of the four instructional modalities (in-person, mixed, remote, and online) will be available on the Center for Teaching and Learning's (CTL) Teaching in Fall 2020 web site. Please note, this is a work in progress. New content will be added throughout July and August. CTL is also offering technology workshops in July with more comprehensive course design workshops offered in August. In the meantime, you can still find information on the Spring 2020 Teaching Continuity page.
  • We know that faculty have both questions and innovative ideas about how to create engaging and effective mixed instruction experiences for our students. Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) and CTL are installing classroom technology and planning faculty development and support for many combinations of in-person, online (asynchronous) and remote (synchronous streamed) instruction. In addition, these units are developing a plan for training undergraduate TAs and student workers to assist with managing technology and moderating remote student participation in mixed classes.

Classroom capacities under physical distancing guidelines remain a constraint that will influence which mixed models will work best this fall. Most of the models faculty have been discussing are variations on one of several basic types of hybrid structure:

  • Synchronous streaming of lectures with a rotating portion of the class in-person. In some cases, particularly for lecture-heavy courses, a classroom assistant will be able to provide support for to stream and/or record the lecture for students who are not on an in-class “rotation” on a given day.
  • A “flipped” hybrid model where students complete asynchronous online work and then have in-person activities or discussion in smaller rotating groups. Although we will try to accommodate requests for alternative models, due to capacity issues in classrooms, our expectation is that in most cases these rotating groups will be smaller than the total class size.
  • With the at-home option now available, some faculty in high-demand courses may wish to have part of their course capacity designated as “remote” (e.g. a MWF class, where 1/3 of the class meets in person on Monday, another third in-person on Wednesday, and the third group is entirely remote and meets on Friday.)  

I received a great deal of positive feedback in response to my message to students and families last week regarding the ‘at-home’ option. While a number of them were grateful for this option, even more of them expressed their strong desire to return to campus and their gratitude for all we are doing to provide them with the safe and healthy in-person educational experience they are craving. In turn, I want to share my gratitude with you for your efforts on behalf of our students and the success of our fall semester.

With my best wishes to you and your families,

Patricia A. Prelock
Provost and Senior Vice President


Patricia A. Prelock, Provost & Sr VP