Dr. Lizzy has been chosen for the VT Women in Higher Education's Williams Emerging Professional Award. 

"The award is presented to a woman who is in the early stages of her career, demonstrates excellence in her contributions to students, colleagues, and/or her institution (in such areas as service, innovative programs, teaching, research, etc.), and shows promise and potential for future contributions."  (source: http://www.vwhe.org/index.php/awards/the-peggy-r-williams-emerging-professional-award)

Dr. Lizzy joined the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences in the fall of 2014 as an Assistant Professor and Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics. Her research interests focus on integrating principles of behavioral economics (the science of irrational decision making) into nutrition and exercise choices to nudge people towards healthier decisions. Along with manipulating default options, she is interested in the incentive structures surrounding food and exercise decisions.

Dr. Lizzy is also interested in discovering and testing ways to better engage students in the classroom to develop deeper learning and critical thinking about the material covered in class. Thinking creatively to present material in a variety of ways that are unconventional and thought provoking is something Dr. Lizzy takes great pride in and absolutely enjoys.



Ann Marie Martin