Feeding Birds and other December Gardening Tips

Proper placement of bird feeders, buying holiday garden gifts, and caring for poinsettias and Christmas cactus are some of the gardening activities for this month. Read More >>

Plants of the Winter Solstice

Ancient peoples often used plants to mark the shortest day of the year—plants we still use today during this season. Read More >>

The Facts About Christmas Trees

Knowing a few facts about Christmas trees and their production will give you a new appreciation of them this holiday season, and may help you choose between a real tree and an artificial one. Read More >>

Top Gardening Tips from 2017

A review of a few topics from our Green Mountain Gardener articles during 2017 may give you some new ideas for this coming season on new plants-- from perennials and annuals to food crops and indoor plants; garden trends; and more. Read More >>

Pruning Tools

Having the proper pruning tools for the job will make it go much easier and quicker, with less plant damage. Read More >>


Leonard Payne Perry