Dear UVM Faculty and Staff,

As previously stated in the August 4, 2020 memo, all UVM employees are required to complete a daily health screening check-in unless they are exclusively working remotely or taking approved time off. Exclusively working remotely includes employees who are scheduled and are expected to work 100% remotely. This includes faculty who have been approved to teach all of their courses remotely if they are not coming to campus on a regular basis. For example:

Example: Professor Smith has no in-person courses this semester but occasionally comes to their office to retrieve books and other materials. They would have to complete the health screening just before they came to campus, but not every day.

Example 2: Assistant Professor Brown is teaching remotely but regularly works in a lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They would have to complete the health screening daily (Mon-Fri).

Employees who work solely in UVM facilities, or who work partially in UVM facilities and partially from home, must complete the form every day. Employees who exclusively work remotely must complete the health screening check-in before they come to a UVM facility for any reason, such as to pick up work-related documents or equipment.

Student employees will report their daily health screening results through the student reporting process, not through the employee process.

The electronic employee daily health screening check-in web form can be accessed at Employees should log in to this website and begin filling out the electronic form today. 

A recording of the Daily Health Screening Teams Live training on August 12, 2020 is now available here on the Fall 2020-Return to Campus website. The presentation slides are available here.

Individuals who do not have access to a computer and/or smart phone must complete the daily health screening with their supervisor over the telephone before reporting to work. We will post the form on the HRS website with instructions about this process early this week. 

Additionally, one important change to our previous guidance. UVM clinical faculty who hold joint appointments between UVM and UVMMC (including all UVMMC buildings) or the UVM Health Network Medical Group will only have to complete their daily health screening through the UVMMC process and not through UVM. On the other hand, if they have not already been screened on a given day by the UVMMC health screen process, they must complete the UVM Check-In before entering UVM/LCOM facilities.

A list of FAQs and other reference documents will be posted here shortly.

The COVID-19 Information and Service Center is available to answer any questions you may have. Service Center personnel can be reached at or at 802-656-1010.

Gary Derr
Vice President for Operations and Public Safety


Gary Derr, VP for Operations & Public Safety