The Threat Stack Cybersecurity Fellowship brings together alumni, current students, faculty, industry partners, and research administration

The Threat Stack Cybersecurity Fellowship is an exciting new collaboration between Threat Stack, a fast-growing cloud cybersecurity company, and the UVM Department of Computer Science, in particular the Research Group in Security and Privacy. By applying cutting-edge research expertise in security and privacy, fellows will be addressing real-world problems. This collaboration reflects strong alumni engagement and their profound contribution to research. Threat Stack’s CEO, Brian Ahern, is a UVM alumni.

Patterns with Potential

PhD candidate John Ring will travel to Threat Stack’s Boston headquarters this fall to dive in to the project, which consists of data classification, model development and testing, and evaluating model adaptability—all addressing the timely question, “Can new security threat patterns be discovered?”

In an age when privacy concerns loom large, this project’s work is critical. By enhancing the human decision loop with model-based support, this work will enable systems to more efficiently and reliably identify security threats in network services.

The Fellowship will yield at least two peer-reviewed publications, support for John Ring’s PhD degree completion, better signal-to-noise ratio in SOC data funnel, and faster “time to understanding” of user-specific threats. The Department of Computer Science’s Chair Chris Skalka and Assistant Professor Joe Near have been critical to the launch of this important Fellowship. “This is an unprecedented opportunity with tremendous potential,” Skalka says.

Deep Collaboration

The Threat Stack Cybersecurity Fellowship represents a significant and high-impact collaborative investment in UVM's future by Faculty, Alumni, and Research Administration.

The UVM Industry Fellowship Program (UVM-IFP), offered through the Office of the Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) as part of an effort to work more closely with industry and businesses, is an integral piece of this collaboration. The program seeks to address the needs of businesses by partnering them with the expertise of UVM faculty members and doctoral-level graduate students or postdoctoral research associates. The UVM Foundation’s Alexa Woodward and Bobbi Woldt were integrally involved in developing the contract that defined the terms of the fellowship’s arrangement.


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Computer Science Chair Chris Skalka
Computer Science Chair Chris Skalka