The Victory Garden project has been a wonderful experience for all of us involved.  I have to say we are pretty proud of what we managed to achieve. Given how late we got started and that we were gardening in what had been a grass and weed infested field the day before we planted along with the drought and the heat, etc,  the production was pretty amazing! Thanks for all your encouragement and for the seeds we were able to get from High Mowing – fortunately several of us also had extra seeds/plants so it all came together.  Of source we are finally being swamped with tomatoes so hoping for a very late first frost!

The summer school lunch program is over now so our production is going to the East Arlington Church’s free food table and the Arlington food shelf.  We all feel really good about what we have been able to contribute in this harrowing time in our country.

Thanks for stepping up to co-chair this incredibly needed project.

With dirty fingernails and a smile,
Heather, Arlington Yellow Barn Community Garden


Lisa Chouinard