UVM Faculty and Staff, Governor Scott periodically issues addenda to Executive Order 01-20, titled “Work Smart & Stay Safe—Restart Vermont.” A recent addendum states all employees must complete mandatory training on COVID-19 health and safety requirements before they are permitted to return to their workplaces following remote work. University of Vermont employees must also adhere to additional UVM safety requirements, which are outlined in the mandatory health and safety training.

UVM is in the process of a phased restart of in-person operations, which will be based on a prioritized schedule. As a part of this effort, employees must complete COVID-19 health and safety training by Friday, June 12, 2020. This applies to all employees, even those who do not yet have a date for their return to in-person work.  If you are an essential employee and have already completed this training, you are not required to do it again.

Faculty on 9-month contracts are not required to complete the training by June 12, but must complete it prior to returning to campus or to another UVM workplace for any reason.

Instructions on how to enroll in the training and to obtain a certificate of completion can be found here. At the end of the training, you will complete a brief learning assessment.  In addition, you should keep a copy of your certificate should your manager or supervisor need confirmation that you have completed the training.

In summary, prior to your physical return to UVM—and before Friday, June 12, 2020—you must:

1.    Complete the training.
2.    Complete and pass the learning assessment.
3.    Retain a copy of your certificate.
4.    Provide a copy of your certificate to your supervisor.

The COVID-19 health and safety training will provide guidance on how to protect yourself and those around you. This includes information on social distancing, personal protective equipment, pre-screening requirements, reporting of violations, and what to do if you are sick.

Because this is an evolving situation, there are likely to be updates to these guidelines and requirements. Therefore, it is important for you to remain in close communication with your manager or supervisor during this period. If you have any questions, please email covid.training@uvm.edu. I appreciate your cooperation and your commitment to assuring a safe and healthy UVM for all.

Gary L. Derr
Vice President for Operations and Public Safety
University of Vermont