The current Coronavirus crisis has created much stress and uncertainty for many, including our employees.  First, let me extend my enormous thanks to those of you whose job responsibilities enable you to telework, and who continue to work diligently to keep the University running.  I understand that telework is not easy, and comes with its own unique set of challenges.  Second, for those whose job responsibilities do not enable you to telework, or whose workload has been reduced as a result of telework, the University is committed to providing your full salary and benefits through the end of May, which hopefully will take us through this period of “Stay Home, Stay Safe.”  I hope that relieves some of the uncertainty and stress of this unprecedented time.
I also would like to acknowledge and thank United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America Local 267 (UE), for working with us to keep essential campus functions operational and helping to ensure that employees, whether essential on-campus or not, are treated fairly.
When I started as president last summer I never expected to have to face these challenges with you.  But this time has brought into sharp focus for me the resilience and dedication of all who work to support our state’s only research university.  I am proud to serve with you.