Effective immediately, UVM Custodial Services will no longer be cleaning individual staff and faculty offices.  UVM Custodial Services will be focusing their efforts on common areas including hallways, restrooms, meeting spaces and other similar public spaces, with an emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting touch zones in these areas.

UVM Custodial Services staff have received personal protection information and training as well as information about appropriate use of disinfection cleaners.  It is not necessary for the custodial staff to be wearing personal protective equipment including masks at this time.  Their risk of exposure is no more increased than the rest of the UVM community.  Their safety, like that of all of us,  is reliant on maintaining social distancing and, most importantly, people staying home when they have any sign of fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

If you are concerned about a space possibly being contaminated with COVID-19, please contact Gerald Coleman, Director of UVM Custodial Services at Gerald.Coleman@uvm.edu or Francis Churchill, Senior Assistant Director, Safety & Health at Francis.Churchill@uvm.edu.  These spaces will be cleaned by a qualified team.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we prioritize critical areas for cleaning.