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Please note: Educational resources covering options, considerations and preparation related to farm access, tenure, and stewardship are available in the Land Access Information Toolshed of the UVM Extension New Farmer Project website. Please also feel free to contact personnel at the New Farmer Project at or the UVM Extension Land Access Consultant, Ben Waterman, at (802) 656-9142 or with any other questions, to schedule a free consultation, or if you would like to be sent a hard copy of any of the available materials.

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Landowner: Peter Pratley

Phone: (203) 943-3369


WEATHERSFIELD, Farm for lease with housing, diverse soils.

Location: Weathersfield, Windsor County

Tenure Arrangements Offered:
Short term lease (1-5 years)

Wooded: 0
Open: 38
Tillable: 21

Quality of Land:
Up to 38 acres may be available. 15-21 acres are prime agricultural soils (Ninigret and Podunk) suitable for vegetables, currently in hay. Remaining acreage consists of poorly drained soils (Limerick) and currently are in hay. A more detailed description is available from the property owner as well as field maps.

Farm Infrastructure:
Farm Buildings: 30 x 60 ft barn formerly housed horse, suitable for a retail stand, storage and vegetable processing.
Housing: 4-5 bedroom house available, but farmer not required to rent it
Water Resources: 3 wells, one at barn and potentially some water from the North Branch of the Black River
Equipment: none

General Information:
Farm Suitable for vegetable production and small livestock available for lease starting April 1, 2012 along Rt 106 in Weathersfield, VT. A small barn (30ft x 60ft) which formerly housed horses is also available, suitable for a retail stand, storage, or vegetable processing. House available is 4-5 bedrooms. House and farmland/barn will have separate leases. It is optional to rent farmland and barn but not lease the house. It is also optional to not rent the barn, and to not to rent all the land. However, the property owner would like to see as much utilized as possible and will favor proposals that maximize use of the property. As full description of the property is available including maps and pictures by contacting the property owner.

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