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Please note: Educational resources covering options, considerations and preparation related to farm access, tenure, and stewardship are available in the Land Access Information Toolshed of the UVM Extension New Farmer Project website. Please also feel free to contact personnel at the New Farmer Project at or the UVM Extension Land Access Consultant, Ben Waterman, at (802) 656-9142 or with any other questions, to schedule a free consultation, or if you would like to be sent a hard copy of any of the available materials.

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Landowner: John Clark

Phone: (802) 888-4482


HYDE PARK, Certified Organic dairy facilities, farm land and housing available for lease

Location: Hyde Park, Lamoille County

Tenure Arrangements Offered:
Short term lease (1-5 years)

TOTAL: 100
Wooded: 0
Open: 100
Tillable: 100

Quality of Land:
Flat land, sandy loam, no stones, excellent drainage, high organic matter, certified organic pastures, rotationally grazed for 25+ years, beautiful land.

Farm Infrastructure:
Farm Buildings: 45 cow 15 calf tie stall, Free Range Pack/Hoop Barn House up to 50 adult cattle,Swing 8 Parlor, Potential dairy proccesing room
Housing: 3 Bedroom Ranch on sight
Water Resources: Dairy, Well,/ House, Spring
Equipment: Potential shared equipment arrangement

General Information:
Diversified, Organic, Community oriented farm seeks to lease out dairy. Looking for the right person whom is interested in owning their own cows and leasing land and dairy infrastructure. There are possibilities for on farm dairy processing, established raw milk sales, established organic milk pick up with Horizon Organic. The farm is very diversified, currently supports a vegetable grower, a meat producer, a catering business with banquet hall, farm stand, and on farm community events and education. If you are interested in being a part of the Applecheek community, please contact John Clark at or 802-888-4482. For more information about our farm please visit

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