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Please note: Educational resources covering options, considerations and preparation related to farm access, tenure, and stewardship are available in the Land Access Information Toolshed of the UVM Extension New Farmer Project website. Please also feel free to contact personnel at the New Farmer Project at or the UVM Extension Land Access Consultant, Ben Waterman, at (802) 656-9142 or with any other questions, to schedule a free consultation, or if you would like to be sent a hard copy of any of the available materials.

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Contact: Ben Waterman, UVM Extension Land Access Consultant

Phone: (802) 656-9142


PLAINFIELD, Free-use acreage (11) crop or animal production welcome

Location: Plainfield, Washington County

Tenure Arrangements Offered:
Lease with option to buy
Long term lease (5+ years)
Owner financed sale
Partnership with farmer seeking land
Partnership with eventual sale
Sale at fair market value
Short term lease (1-5 years)
Other: Open to any arrangements between the farmer's needs and wishes. Future possibilities are endless, immediate possibilities are most generous - profit is not my priority for offering my land. SPECIAL NOTE: Landowner is a long-term Licensed Veterinary Technician. Any animal projects would benefit from her oversight, caregiving and management abilities, if desired. Owner also has specialized in Veterinary Homeopathy for many years.

Wooded: 1
Open: 10
Tillable: 10

Quality of Land:
Soil is very well drained, gently sloping, and has full open access and Southern exposure. No large rocks anywhere, easily tillable. There is approximately one-half acre which is more shaded, and more damp than the rest of the ten acres. Approximately one-half acre of woods which might be sustainably harvested or managed. Soil has been managed organically only, has been limed (2005).

Farm Infrastructure:
Farm Buildings:
Housing: possible
Water Resources: yes
Equipment: little to none
Other: Intelligent, willing equine can work in limited capacity

General Information:
Well-drained open land with Southern exposure being offered FREE to motivated farmer, grower, or animal producer, short or long-term. Possible future ownership of land and recent Five-Star Energy Rated home, possible current or seasonal rental considered. Owner is open to all options and ideas. Owner is a Licensed Veterinary Technician, and willing to contribute to proposed animal endeavors. Land might lend itself to crops such as sunflower or sun choke production, or any other production considered.

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