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Please note: Educational resources covering options, considerations and preparation related to farm access, tenure, and stewardship are available in the Land Access Information Toolshed of the UVM Extension New Farmer Project website. Please also feel free to contact personnel at the New Farmer Project at or the UVM Extension Land Access Consultant, Ben Waterman, at (802) 656-9142 or with any other questions, to schedule a free consultation, or if you would like to be sent a hard copy of any of the available materials.

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Landowner: Doug Foregger

Phone: 508.221.5527


WATERBURY CENTER, Agritourism partnership opportunity in Waterbury Center, Vt.

Location: Waterbury Center, Washington County

Tenure Arrangements Offered:
Long term lease (5+ years)
Owner financed sale
Partnership with farmer seeking land
Partnership with eventual sale
Short term lease (1-5 years)
Farm management or employment opportunity

TOTAL: 400
Wooded: 300
Open: 100
Tillable: 60

Quality of Land:

Farm Infrastructure:
Farm Buildings: large barn
Housing: none at this time, rental possibilites exist elsewhere
Water Resources: drilled well
Equipment: various pieces potentially available

General Information:
Agritourism partnership opportunity in Waterbury Center, Vt. for farmers aspiring to raise unique livestock or specialize in other direct market ventures that would thrive at a prime tourist destination: We have a dream (that we're going to turn into reality)...and some prime property (400 acres) located less than an 8 minute drive from Ben and Jerry's, Green Mt Coffee Roasters, Cold Hollow Cider Mill and Stowe (property is in Waterbury Ctr.) ... This property will become the "Vermont Gourmet Farm," a popular agri-tourism destination. Looking to partner with farmers or other like-minded visionaries with a strong sense of where agriculture in Vermont is headed (read cutting edge and unique products)....potential land ownership possible...large barn on property and available equipment etc... We will create not only a one-of-a-kind agri-tourism business, but possibly a CSA, cheese cave and facility, corn maze, internet food sales business etc.... I need farmers (read partners or co-op type owners), a manager and maybe an investor etc....This might be your only farm or you might already raise (or want to raise) Bison, Elk, Yak, or other unique animal that might benefit from public exposure elsewhere. Open to unique crops, (hops, fruit trees, mushrooms etc.) or traditional ones.....there will be an on-site year round heated "stand" to sell your wares... if you even THINK this might be of interest please don't hesitate to call Doug, 508-221-5527

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