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Note Taking Program

Students with documented disabilities work with a Student Accessibility Specialist to determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations. At The University of Vermont, one of the largest accommodations is Note Taking.  UVM’s Note Taking Program works to match students’ requests for notes with the appropriate level of Note Taking services. 

SAS students may be matched with either a Peer Note Taker (a student in the same course/section as the student requesting services), a professional quality Note Taker (may also be a peer in the same course/section), or a TypeWell transcriber who provides a transcript of each class lecture.  Teaching Assistants in a course may also be utilized as Note Takers.

What happens after a student receives Note Taking as an accommodation?

  1. Students send faculty members an accommodation letter listing the required accommodations as soon as possible in the semester.
  2. Students request to have a Note Taker in class through the myACCESS student portal, which generates an email to the faculty member prompting them to request a volunteer note taker for the class.  If a faculty member receives an accommodation letter but does not receive an email from the Note Taking Program, it means that the student may not want a Note Taker at that time.  The student does have the right to request a Note Taker within the first 10 weeks of a given semester, but accommodations are not retroactive.  A late or delayed request for a Note Taker may make it difficult to find a Peer Note Taker for the class.
  3. Once a student volunteers to be a Peer Note Taker, the student is instructed via email to sign into the myACCESS student portal for instructions on how to process and upload notes. 
  4. The notes for each class are shared with the student via the myACCESS web portal housed on a secure database.

Student Attendance & Purpose of Notes

A student’s accommodation for Note Taking services does NOT replace their attendance in class (unless specifically stated in their accommodation letter).  This accommodation is meant to supplement a student’s own notes, fill in any gaps that they may miss during a class lecture, and provide a student with equal access to lecture(s).

Faculty are welcome to contact the Note Taking Program at any time with questions regarding implementing this accommodation.  Our job is to support faculty in providing qualifying students with their accommodations, as described in the accommodations letters.


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