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Residents in Skull Based Lab

Fletcher Allen's Medical Center offers a diverse learning environment set in Vermont's recreation-rich and vibrant arts landscape. Fletcher Allen Health Care and University of Vermont faculty physicians give surgical residents substantial surgical exposure preparing them for careers in surgery, academic surgery and surgical fellowship training.

General Surgery Residency

The surgical residency program at the University of Vermont has been continuously accredited since 1955 and has a long history of producing leaders in academic and community surgery. During their training, our residents are exposed to a wide variety of open and minimally invasive procedures, ensuring them an exceptional preparation for careers in general surgery or further fellowship training. As noted below, the surgical residency clinical training is augmented by the innovative surgical simulation resources available to the University of Vermont Clinical Simulation Laboratory. As a part of their training, surgical residents are required to participate in a year of research after their second clinical year. These endeavors have resulted in numerous residents presenting to a variety of national forums and authoring publications in respectable surgical journals. The Department of Surgery is proud of the important role our residents play as medical student mentors and educators.

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General Surgery Residency Program

Neurosurgery Residency

This fully accredited program graduates one chief resident a year. Recent graduates have gone on to complete fellowship training in pediatric, skull base functional and spine neurosurgery. We pride ourselves on the one-on-one interaction between resident and attending as they are exposed to varied and broad surgical experiences including cerebrovascular surgery, spinal surgery, tumor surgery, peripheral surgery and pediatric neurosurgery. Resources for our residents include an active cerebrovascular laboratory and a fully equipped skull base dissection laboratory. Each year one of the neurosurgery residents steps into the laboratory to focus on clinical and basic science projects. Recent work has included publications and presentations on traumatic brain injury, cerebral blood flow, and malignancies. Visit Graduate Medical Education at UVM/Fletcher Allen for more information.

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Neurosurgery Residency Program

Otolaryngology Residency

This residency program is the crown jewel of our division. Our graduates have excelled in academic careers for more than 45 years. Our one resident per year program gives our trainees intimate exposure to all facets of our specialty while preparing them well for fellowship training. We continue to attract and match the best applicants from across the nation to our program. Visit Graduate Medical Education at UVM/Fletcher Allen for more information.

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Otolaryngology Residency Program

Urology Residency

The Division has been successful in reinstating residency training at UVM / FAHC. Our new training program allows for the invigoration of the Urology faculty with robust interactions that set the stage for patient care improvement and research strategies. Visit Graduate Medical Education at UVM/Fletcher Allen for more information.

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Urology Residency Program

Dental Residency

The University of Vermont and Fletcher Allen dental residency program was started over forty years ago and continues to attract outstanding graduating dental students from all parts of the country. We believe that the dental education experiences gained in The University of Vermont dental residency program is very rewarding to the residents and Burlington, Vermont provides this perfect New England backdrop for living and learning. Visit Graduate Medical Education at UVM/Fletcher Allen for more information.

Dental Residency Program

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