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Clinical Simulation Laboratory

Clinical Simulation Laboratory

Collaborative, Interprofessional, State-of-the-Art

The Clinical Simulation Laboratory is an accredited Comprehensive Education Institute in collaboration with the UVM College of Medicine, the UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences, and The University of Vermont Medical Center, serving as a centralized hub in the training of health care professionals with the ultimate goal of improving quality and safety of care.

Improving Patient Care

Improving Patient Care

Contemporary health care requires competency-based instruction that often relies on simulated experiences to prepare learners for patient care. The Clinical Simulation Laboratory enables trainees to use well-founded simulation principles to develop and maintain clinical skills and competencies to augment patient safety and improve patient care.

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Interdisciplinary Training

Interprofessional Education

The Clinical Simulation Laboratory brings together individuals, groups and teams for hands-on learning experiences enhanced by the integration of standardized patients and advanced technology in settings that reflect actual trauma, operating room, in-patient and ambulatory settings.


Clinical Innovations

Health education and patient care is transforming through clinical innovations. The University of Vermont Clincial Simulation Laboratory offers a way for students and healthcare providers to access new technology in an environment that enables them to become familiar with the latest innovations available to them.



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