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Quantitative Perfusion Changes in Functional Arterial Spin Labeling MR Imaging during Language and Motor Tasks
Authors Andrew Ross, MD, Richard Watts, PhD, and Joshua Nickerson, MD had their work accepted for publication in the Journal of Disease and Global Health

CT Urography for Evaluation of the Ureter
​"Over the past decade, computed tomographic (CT) urography has emerged as the primary imaging modality for evaluating the urinary tract in various clinical settings, including the initial workup of hematuria. With the widespread implementation of CT urography, it is critical for radiologists to understand normal ureteral anatomy and the varied appearance of pathologic ureteral conditions at CT urography". Authors Scott Potenta, MD, Robert D'Agostino, MD and Karina Perusse, MD had their work accepted for publication in RadioGraphics Journal. Read More.

Breast Cancer Detection with Short-Interval Follow-up Compared with Return Annual Screening in Patients with Benign Stereotactic or US-guided Breast Biopsy Results
Authors Jason Johnson, MD, Alisa Johnson, MD, Elise Hotaling, MD and Sally Herschorn, MD had their work accepted for publication by RSNA in the Breast Imaging Journal. Radiology: Volume 275: Number 1-- April 2015

Department of Radiology


Academic and Clinical Excellence

Excellence in research, a commitment to exceptional patient care and investment in leading edge technology are the hallmarks of the Department of Radiology. Our residents and fellows collaborate with our world-class faculty to create a dynamic learning environment.

Radiology Resident
education Research

Residency Program

Our radiology residencey accepts six candidates per year. Our radiology residency accepts six candidates per year. Training at The University of Vermont Medical Center is supplemented by a two-month rotation in pediatric radiology at the Children's Hospital Boston and a four-week rotation at the American Institute for Radiologic Pathology (AIRP) in Washington, D.C.


Faculty members in the Department of Radiology contribute to the education of medical students, maintain a four-year residency program for diagnostic radiology, and offers two fellowships, one in neuroradiology and the other in vascular/interventional radiology.



The Department of Radiology is committed to bringing advanced imaging technology to the local community and beyond; utilizing cutting edge translation research to advance clinical care. Our vision is to integrate high quality affordable research, advance medical education and create the leading academic clinical research organization.




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